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Thread: Need a little Classics help.

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    Need a little Classics help.

    I was just organizing my Classics collection pending the onset of the Super7 era and realized that I didn't get a sticker sheet with my Snout Spout. I'm just looking for a little help as to how may faction stick sheets there where in total? I currently have; Rattlor's, Entrapta's, Geldor's, and Eldor's. I realize that I am missing Snout Spout's but wanted to make sure that I'm not missing any more than that. Yeah I'm a bit of a completest. Google had some shattered pics and could not find the faction stickers mentioned on the .org collection database. Thanks

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    Are there any MOTUC faction stickers? I never seen them before.
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    There is an org member by the name of toyjesus. If you go to his website he did have the faction stickers for download and then you can print them yourself on sticker paper.

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