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Thread: Were MOTU books Ever Featured on Reading Rainbow? (RR-on KS ends 7/2/14 3pm est)

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    Were MOTU books Ever Featured on Reading Rainbow? (RR-on KS ends 7/2/14 3pm est)

    News that I'm not sure where it belongs.

    LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow is doing a kickstarter and Seth MacFarlane has agreed to match up to $1,000,000 in pledges, starting at $4M. If RR reaches $5M, he'll donate a full $1M. Seth has pledged to match up to 1 million dollars!!, dollar for dollar, every single pledge from the present 4 million mark upto until the 5 million pledge mark is passed, or the KS ends at 12noon pst wed. July 2nd. (3pm EST July 2nd 2014)!!

    I do not know if anyone here is familiar with Reading Rainbow which began in 1983 that promotes a love of reading.
    I only saw the 1983 season, the show ran until 2006.
    So I do not know if the MOTU golden books were ever featured on the show.

    I know each episode of RR informed kids about 6 or more books per episode (Pre-chapter books) so the MOTU books would have been a possibility, but Levar Burton (Geordi La Forge from Star Trek TNG) is raising money on KickStarter to bring back ReadingRainbow as an App provided to as many schools as possible for FREE!!.

    FYI The initial goal was 1 million, for Reading Rainbow (RR) on KS (KickStarter) which they passed, so 1,500 schools will currently get the app for free. However If they reach the 5 million stretch goal 7,500 schools will get the app for free. They are at $4,551,000+.

    If the RR KS reaches 5 million, Seth MacFarlane will contribute a full additional 1 million dollars, bringing the total to 6 million and that will mean, according to LeVar Burton's Post more than 12,500 schools would get the app for free! Reaching the 5 mil goal also would put the app on the web and all android tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon TV and game consoles, for Kids to use. HOW COOL!

    The All-Time top 4 KickStarters are also assisting the effort.!! They are all joining Levar Burton's Effort which is also an unprecedented action, in the history of ...??? Well, I personally cannot think of any other example where the top 4 companies at anything contribute to the number 5 company,.... Amazing!! (There are also Pebble's, Ouya's, Pono's, Veronica Mars stuff, [Ie.e. rewards from the top four kickstarters of all time], and of course Star Trek TNG rewards, and reading rainbow rewards etc., available for pledging.)

    There is also a Reading Rainbow goal to reach 100,000 backers which no KickStarter has everdone. Just to put an exclamation mark on the fact that the world does values the ability to read, for every child, everywhere.

    The minimum pledge for any kickstarter is only 1 dollar.

    If everyone Here in this great MOTU community pledged just a single dollar that would help them reach pretty quickly the backer goal of more than 100,000 people being willing to stand up and support that literacy matters. It may even cause Seth MacFarland to write out a full 1 million dollar check to reading rainbow. Currently more than 92,000 people have chosen to back LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow Effort.

    There are also numerous rewards for pledges greater than 1 dollar available.
    Just wanted to pass along this info, before the KS ends in less than 48hours, for anyone here who may be interested.
    I was not sure where to post this thread.

    Also if anyone knows of any MOTU or POP books that were featured on reading rainbow, I'd love to know the year and episode. I only saw the first season and the episode that featured Star Trek TNG.
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    That's awesome!
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