View Poll Results: Who are the 2015 surprises?

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  • Dare

    31 35.63%
  • Lodar

    44 50.57%
  • Despara

    41 47.13%
  • New52 He-Man

    8 9.20%
  • Torak (Mark Taylor Concept)

    5 5.75%
  • Horde Mummy

    15 17.24%
  • Evil Robot (Horde)

    13 14.94%
  • DC/New Mini-Comic Skeletor (tusk helmet)

    6 6.90%
  • Tug o'Wharr

    7 8.05%
  • Karg ('87 movie)

    15 17.24%
  • Mantisaur

    35 40.23%
  • Filmation He-Man

    7 8.05%
  • Filmation Skeletor

    7 8.05%
  • 200x Sorceress

    24 27.59%
  • 200x Teela

    8 9.20%
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Thread: Who are the 2015 surprises?

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    Who are the 2015 surprises?

    Based on Toyguru's recent statement concerning who we may see in the 2015 line-up:

    "A few surprises. If unsure what "A few surprises" means, just look at what was released in 2014 or revealed in 2015 such as The Unnamed One, Oo-Lar or Snake Armor He-Man, 200X King Hssss."

    What characters do you think are the most likely candidates for "a few surprises"?

    Not a wish-list, just your honest opinion on who might count as a Toyguru surprise!
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    Probably Dare, to bookend MOTUC (especially with Oo-Larr being released). And possibly Mantisaur to give The Evil Horde a beast/steed.

    Personally, I'd also be interested in seeing Despara, the Horde Mummy, the Evil Robot and 200X Sorceress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haephestus View Post
    Probably Dare, to bookend MOTUC (especially with Oo-Larr being released). And possibly Mantisaur to give The Evil Horde a beast/steed.

    Personally, I'd also be interested in seeing Despara, the Horde Mummy, the Evil Robot and 200X Sorceress!
    I really want all of the above myself!

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    More ego trip figures.

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    I take this to mean a bit more 200x love. If there was a 200x mini-sub in development I suppose it's possible we may see one or two of these figures, possibly Veena and Evilseed or even a King Miro. It may also be a vague nod towards 2.0s, so perhaps a Fisto 2.0 (with filmation inspired head or something) packed in with Stridor passed off as a vehicle but out of sub.

    If 2013 and 2014 are anything to go by, a chase figure? My money is on a Twiggets pack as the chase item. They'd be smaller than Madame Razz so I think you could squeeze three into one pack.
    My reasoning for this is that The Twiggets were in the original roadmap, and considering the scant nuggets of information Matty has given us before about upcoming unrevealed character releases, I'd have assumed they would simply give an evasive answer about them, unless they were still in the revised roadmap.
    Also Mattel have had a recent habit of suddenly giving us all the cutesy little filmation creatures, Kowl, Loo-Kee, Imp, Broom, and Razz (who's sort of both a person and a cutesy filmation creature) who's now been revealed to be a Twigget herself. Based on that logic, we might get Dree-Elle and Montork (as has been rumoured), but I'm certain we will get something of this ilk. Any of these things would be fine by me, but let us not forget other iterations have cool funny little creatures too, and I would really love to see an Odiphus pack-in with (preferably) a 200x release.

    Although TG has stated we won't see Dare in 2015, my feeling is that we will see a character that acts as a symbol of where the brand is heading. Such a symbol would not necessarily reflect the SoH storyline, although the character I have in mind may well be linked to that era if the cover of the new mini-comic is any indication. I speak of Despara, who is in a way a representation of the direction of the brand, and would be a nice figure to sign off with.

    If her figure was released, she would be present in what are currently the only new entertainment media outlets for MOTU. Namely, the DC comic (love it or hate it), the MOTUC bios (again love them of hate them), and the accompanying mini-comics.

    I think it's difficult to be certain of any "surprises", at this point in the line, but whatever they are I'm sure they won't be without controversy, as some of 2014's choices have been. We are so deep into character selection, of the things we aren't certain are coming, most of them beyond a few obvious standouts are debatable on popularity and importance among other characteristics that would make them worthy contenders. And as most of us are aware Mattel like to throw us curve-balls, so I expect at least one or two of those.

    I really hope one of the surprises is Crita.

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    I totally see Dare showing up, despite Scott saying he would not show up until 2016.
    A Want List of Sorts: Saurod, Buzz-Saw Hordak, Dragstor, Perfuma, Dare, Snake Mountain, Prahvus, Veena, King Chuboolu, Flying Fists He-Man, Terror Claws Skeletor, Point Dread & The Talon Fighter... and all the other POP & NA characters.

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    Pllllleeeeeeeease give us Dare, Filmation He-man, Filmation Skeletor and a DC variant He-man!!!

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    I selected two names (though i might as well been picking three).
    Lodar being strongly rumored for years now, wouldn't be any of a surprise.
    Then we have Mantisaur,sounds so logical at this point.
    Finally Dare, just like bcrduke, i suspect he could be a part of the run,
    Eldor being the alibi he needed in the first place.

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    From what we've been told, hinted at, the only one on the list which I think is a possibility is Lodar.
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    Well if he is coming at all it is not a surprise to me but Lodar. It would be a surprise if he never got made or wasnt considered important. At this time since we are so close and limited on what comes, I do not feel confident he is comming. He should be I feel, and I hope he is. If he comes it is not a surprise but a relief to me. But still, Lodar.

    I want to vote for Despara and I probably should have. I feel there is at least a chance she'll come. I would be surprised. I hope she is not though. I would be happy to have her, but I think she's a post 2015 type thing.

    I didnt vote for a couple of things that I would be surprised if they came, and could also see as comming in 2015. However I do not seriously think any of them are comming. Maybe, maybe one of them are coming.

    Frankly though I expect all the Vintage, Evilseed, Crita, and Lodar to come. Anything other than that is would be a surprise to me. And if any of those 3 didnt come (though I feel strongly that they should be comming) especially Crita & Lodar I would be surprised to not come, but will be relieved when/if they are confirmed. So they could be a "surprise" of sorts.

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    I think Lodar will be the chase figure this year and the 200x will be part of the mini sub. As much as I would love Mantisaur I honestly don't know how they can fit him in to 2015 with the current price points. There is only 1 monthly figure slot left unaccounted for. Even if they split either FF He Man and DC Skeletor into 2 monthly figures I dont see how they could do Buzzsaw Hordak and Mantisaur for $47?

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    I'm hoping for Granita, Vultak, Hunga or Veena so I guess we'll end up with Disco Skeletor, Josh, "Insert-a-variant" He-Man and Battle Ground Plundor...
    20 Most needed characters before MOTUC ends...

    Heroic: King Miro / Hawke / Dakon / Delora
    Evil: Evilseed / Lodar
    POP: King Micah / General Sunder/ Twiggets 3 pack
    Horde: Vultak / Hunga / Prahvus
    POG: Veena
    SnakeMen: Sssqueeze
    Rock People: Granita
    NA: Darius / Sebrian / Crita

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdscissorhands View Post
    I'm hoping for Granita...
    That's all I need right there.

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    I don't know because it's a surprise but I voted for who I want it to be. Karg.

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    "Surprises" are the best way of spinning a non A-list , Non-Vintage, Non- Vintage POP but an N/A, Concept, or 200X characters to fit into the line...

    something other than what has been promised in the 2 year wrap up...

    the same grade of figure as the last 6 years...

    MY Feedback Thread :

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I totally see Dare showing up, despite Scott saying he would not show up until 2016.

    Dare can be made using almost 100% old parts... "surprise, you thought we wouldn't get to Dare in 2015!"
    DESPERATELY need ThunderCats Minimates series one!!!

    **Staunch FILMation lover!!! **** MUST have a New Adventures Subscription!!!**

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tamusk View Post
    More ego trip figures.
    ^ This.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I totally see Dare showing up, despite Scott saying he would not show up until 2016.
    ^ And this.

    I was one of the few people who actually thought UNO was a really nice figure (but then, I love Trollan's so...), but I know most fans hated the concept. Scott's idea of a surprise tends to err on the side of bad surprise rather than good, so I reckon he'd dump something like Dare on us, just because he can. I also checked the boxes for New52 He-Man & Skeletor and Despara; three characters I personally dislike, but I think are Scott's new babies. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw any of those filling that much-needed slot.

    Personally I'd like to see Kittrina, Delora/Hawke or another female figure in that slot but, hahaha, that's not going to happen 'cause, you know, Scott and females...

    (As an aside, I don't understand why people like/want Despara so much. To me, that... thing has ****** all over my childhood love of Adora/She-Ra and I'd be euphoric if the character just faded away and never showed it's ugly face again.)

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    We gotta get Evilseed!

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