....to MOTUC.

Ever since Mattel announced they had the Filmation rights, I've caught the bug to start watching all my boxsets of original MOTU, POP and NA - and came across so many cool characters - some of which I had forgotten even existed.

I know we have the usual culprits who make it on the "most requested" fan lists, but some even though can be made, likely won't as they are too obscure or don't have enough fan exposure.

Some of my *new* most wanted characters include:

Queen Balina of Targa - I love this African queen - she has an attitude, is fiesty and I think she secretly has a thing for He-Man. This figure would add a lot of diversity to the line.

Kothos - He'll probably need a larger buck - but I love both episodes of his in MOTU - especially his feud with Evil-Lyn. I prefer the first blue decco of this character. Again - he would add variety - nice to have a Genie-type character in MOTUC.

Mortella - I love the look of this lady - she reminds me of a Disney Villan - the colour scheme is crazy though. It would be nice to have a rival for Castaspella when she comes.

Sebeline - She's a bit like Teela - once turned to evil, but later redeemed herself - she comes with a cool mini Snake Staff.

Slush-Head's Bride - I know - a bit of a comic character - but still she would make a cool sub-incentive or con exclusive - NA is a totally MAD cartoon - I love it.

Melaktha - Probably has the most chance of making it out my list due to the number is episodes he was in - but he looks slightly bland. Maybe he could come with some kind of clip-on battle armor and belts etc? MOTUC should have it's "Heroic Archaeologist"

That's all I can think of at this moment - sorry I couldn't add pix - I might add some later on....