I think after they got Filmation, golden books, jetlag, ect rights, and AND revealed Fearless Photog, I dont doubt that they'll have the rights to anybody eventually. Only basically movie left right?

So For now understanding that I think they could do absolutely anybody eventually, I suppose I'm afraid of them not doin...

Karg, outta the movie. I think they'll get the rights, but maybe it'll take to long to get to Karg since I imagine they'd want to do Blade, Saurod, and Gwildor first, as they are in the vintage line. But then Karg is an obvious draw, and much requested. And they do listen to our much requests. But it's possible he'd be missed.

Oo-Larr. I hated the idea of Oo-Larr, since it was clear to me from Wun-Dar's bio he was the barbarian He-Man from the minicomic. I still think that made more sense, and I kinda still stick with it. But I've grown attached in some small way to the idea of Oo-Larr, the He-Man from the original minicomics. I dont really need a basically nekkid He-Man varient with a spear, but I kinda do. He fits now, I've accepted him. Dangit. But they may just not bother, they've got so much else to do.

Modulok. Hey, he's going to be very strange and difficult to do right. And if and when they do do him, it may just be perfection itself. But I'm scared they may just skip him until the line dies. Not skip him intentionally, but put him off until it's too late.

Songster. After listening to Pixel Dan, Lord Killen, and crew on their podcast, where Dan mentions a great and interesting (and quite satisfying) story, I'm very very excited. Things are comming together in great ways. But I'm afraid he may get missed. At least after Dan's story on the podcast, I'm more certain this will be done. I just hope sooner than later, say sometime next year as an sdcc exclusive, or at the latest a 2013 Sub fig, (though I doubt that last, as I think they will do "must have" figures going forward, at least for a while.) Whatever. I want a Songster. Him with Photog (and Shadow Weaver) make my most wanted out of the least likely. Now he's the only one left. Come on, do it!