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Thread: What if they were smaller?

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    I wouldn't mind them in vintage-ish scale. It would be cool to utilize the old vehicles while appreciating the new textures and articulation added to the new. Though I like the presence the new collection has. The space limitations are getting to me about 2/3rds are in storage.

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    I like the size of them as is, but I have to admit that if they were a smaller scale they would be less likely to bonk their heads in Castle Grayskull .
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    I´ve always had different opinions on scales. I first satarded seriously collecting Marvel Legends, which take up a LOT of space. Then Marvel Universe was released and I didn´t change to MU. But being a GIJOE collector as well made me think that 6 inch figures may get a little out dated. Now you can get a ridiculous ammount of detail into a 4 inch figure.

    Now I´m into MOTUC and I´m seeing that display will be some sort of a problem.

    But well, I like this scale. I don´t think MOTUC would have worked on a 4 inch scale or how you could make it smaller. They really stand out great.
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    Looking through the Q&A from around the net For July.

    This question popped up:


    Gizmodo’s article “Where Toys Come From” (4/22/13) confirmed what many 3.75 inch figure fans suspect. A new 6 inch figure line for a recent “iron” threequel comic movie; appears 3D printed and scanned from its previous old sequel 3.75 inch line.

    Can you do the same?

    Whereas 3D printing and scanning (old 6 inch figures) can make new 3.75 inch lines? Many collectors buy only 3.75 inches; G.I.Joe, other Comic lines, and Star Wars. Millions of fans would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MoTU and DCUC if only they fit our 3.75” universe.

    This is something we have looked into but no plans to announce anything speicfic right now! It is a cool concept for collectables."

    Looks like they haven't ruled this out. Would love to see what they could come up with for the 4 inch line, I would be all over that.

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