This is a thread that I hope Scott reads. The objective here is to give ideas for mattel to make the subscrpition more attractive than the exclusive, the map and avoid the WSOD, which IMO is nice but not enough at this point of the road!

Here is mines:

Discount for non-sub items like vehicles,stands, dioramas, extra-large itens and etc..

Access to an exclusive part of mattycollectors site with interviews, productions sneak peaks, extra photos, videos, vintage art, old ads, and other nice MOTU stuff.

A bimonthly or quarter give-away of a special item (a four horseman autographed figure, or a Earl Norem autographed windraider, or a poster and etc..) drawn to one of the subscribers.

Some fan demand limited editions of Deluxe versions of figures like battle damaged Faker (alla Terminator), with premium (and profitables) prices, available ONLY to subscribers with low limit per sub!

Expansion packs like, extra heads and weapons for the army builders , extras snakes for king Hiss, green falcon for the Goddess.

And the list can go, I don't know what is possible or not, but I'm sure if everybody help some good ideas will appear and Tg can pick up some to help our beloved MOTUC line!!