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Thread: Ideas to make subscription more attractive!

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    Ideas to make the sub more attractive ? OK, here we go :

    1) Make Mattycollector's website a site that's actually NICE to shop at (a HUGE improvement is required, here !)

    2) Improve customer service, and the shipping service (a colossal effort is required here too)

    3) Improve the quality control of MOTUC (this should be a proprity, IMO)

    4) Stop playing cheap and show some ambitions for MOTUC (more unique sculpts, no more unrequested variants like Snake Man-at-Arms, more fan favorites, decent advertisement, great budget, show us the will to actually EXPAND this line to more people !). And PLEASE don't add more limitations to this line, 'cause the situation is bad enough as it is...

    5) Take care of your international fans, propose them better options and include them more into the MOTUC universe, contests etc.
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