For a while now, I've noticed this forum has become overloaded with negativity, finger pointing and, for whatever reason, general complaining, so I thought, to balance out all those threads, lets have a thread full of MotUC positive vibes and excitement for the line!

Which announced figures are you pumped for?
Which ones are you looking forward to the most?
Have any exceeded your expectations?

For me, I wasn't feeling any love for Man-E-Faces, Leech and Hurricane Hordak. They were very "meh" looking. But, now that I've seen some of the amazing photos that have been posted here, I can't wait for mine to arrive!!
I'm also really excited for Icarius! I've never been a fan of the NA toys, so after seeing what the 4HM did to this guy, my mind has been blown! I think he's my most anticipated figure for the rest of the year. (Along with Swifty and BP She-Ra!!)
As for 2012, The Sorceress looks stunning! I'm very interested to see how her wings/costume will look with her arms down. Same with Shadow Weaver actually! Her proto looks great, but I'd really like to see how her sleeves work with her arms down.

What about you?

PS - Lets leave all negativity at the door.. *happy thoughts*