There's a lot of cool stuff to be pumped for, especially since the variety makes it all really cool to me in different ways.

What's strange for me is that I get really excited for the stuff that isn't part of my list of must-haves. For example, I know Mekaneck is going to be great and I can't wait to have him, but his reveal isn't going to be all that exciting. He'll look like an improved version of his vintage toy. But Icarius? Who knew he'd take to the current style so well? It's a surprise and it's fascinating to see things I'm not all that familiar with show up and become part of my preferred era of MOTU, which is Classics. I'm not big into PoP, but an improved She-Ra riding Swiftwind finally makes her equal to He-Man in this line. So many of these releases open up this world to me even more.

Heck, I even dig the bios. There's some odd choices, but I find the idea of merging everything into one world interesting. It's like Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths for MOTU. How's that for positivity?