The message below is legit. No one's sarcasm detector is going off.

I am happy that someone like Scott has been the Brand Manager. No joke. There are "fans" that work in the business and they don't get what I want in a toy. Masters of the Universe Classics is an AMAZING toyline, and its fans like Scott who work in Mattel that help make it happen. Some may claim that success is in spite of themselves, but I like to point out I have a Queen Marlena and Man-At-Arms with mustache standing on my counter. That is no comedy of errors: people like Scott, Bill, and the Four Horsemen make it happen. The work is collaborative.

I have much love for Scott and Bill, et al. I have personally chatted with the Mattel Boys Brand Managers for about 6 years now, and I can name past names. They were enthusiastic about the lines, and they said they were fans. But mistakes were made that were WAY more glaring than what we see now. I know issues creep up, BIG ONES (Roboto and King Hssss are big ones to me, I admit), but one has to appreciate that we even get a response in this day and age from the Brand Managers.

Scott is a true blue real fan! Bill is a true blue REAL fan.

He cares. They care. We can villify them, and we have been presented sufficient ammo to do so, but honestly, they don't have to reply AT ALL. They can choose to not say anything. I will say that there was an issue with accountability in the past that has severely eroded. The transparency for me is refreshing, whereas others like to say it's "dangling a carrot and then pulling it away". Not true. The DC and He-Man toys certainly are very accurate by and large, with the sculpts displaying the smallest details for even the most obscure characters (big ups to the 4 Horsemen). JLU is another big example of Scott's impact at Mattel. Women were hardly represented, the League wasn't expansive, villains were a commodity, and the paint choices were suspect (Booster GOLD's Skeets was...silver?). Scott and Bill really are such huge fans that kicked that line into high gear with both character selection and releasing ACCURATE paint aps on-model to the show. Somtimes I have to remind myself that checking toys is ONLY one part of their job. It's a big function for the consumer-side, and we are very critical, but I am sure any of us in their position would be JUST as frustrated if a factory we placed our trust in screws up a beautiful prototype due to miscommunication or negligence on the part of the factory. That messes up their deadlines THEIR bosses mandate, and an executive decision needs to be made. It can't be easy doing what they do. I shake my fist at this, too, but some things are beyond one's control. You simply make due with the cards one is dealt. They put their face our there to suffer our slings and arrows(I had my bowstring pulled back a few times myself). That is ownership.

There needs to be a push and pull, too, and for that reason I am so very grateful for this board's existence. So many features and paint aps would have missed on a given character I don't pay much attention to, but not for someone else on this board being this given character's #1 fan. We really need each other. Debate is good. Debate is IMPORTANT! But in the grand scheme of things, people first. I am new here, but thanks to everybody for being a part of something special here.

We all have our ideas for how we want these toys, but for many of us, these are EXACTLY the updated toys we have dreamed about, and thanks to Mattel and the Horsemen for making it happen!