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Thread: Passing the fandom torch...

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    Passing the fandom torch...

    Hey all!

    If you guys visit my site, you might remember this pic from a post I made last year on my early MOTU memories-


    That picture was taken at my 6th birthday party, way back in 1984. Also my only childhood birthday party. We had a choice as kids: Party or more presents. I almost always chose the latter, but on my 6th birthday I picked party over extra presents. The table was decked out in He-Man stuff, and my newly acquired Ram-Man rests right in front of me. You may notice the lack of MOTU presence on the cake. That's because we had a separate cake for the party. The He-Man cake was reserved for the family birthday celebration.



    Well, my oldest son Blaze turned 9 this year. We give him the same choice I had as a kid: Big party with your friends somewhere or a small family party at home and more gifts. Like me, he chose more gifts. The only requirement? That the small, family party at home should be MOTU-centric. So I hit ebay for some decorations. Once I laid everything out, it dawned on me- The table cloth, the plates, the cups... they were all the exact same type I had for my birthday party over 25 years before. It just goes to show that He-Man really is timeless. If you get it out to kids now, it can be just as exciting and fresh as it was 30 years ago.

    Oh... and yes, those presents on the table are filled with MOTUC goodness.

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    Aaaah... the nostalgia and the new generation... so sweet man. Enjoy! Btw: love ur site!
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    That is severly awesome!!!
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    As cool as that is, the only real way we'll pass the He-man torch to another generation is to re-introduce He-man the way we were introduced to him.

    A new series, comic books, etc etc.
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