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  • Completely - I wouldn't change a thing about her.

    28 26.42%
  • Mostly - she has minor flaws that I can live with.

    46 43.40%
  • Not very - she has serious flaws that should have been avoided or corrected.

    18 16.98%
  • Not at all - she is so flawed she should not have been made.

    5 4.72%
  • N/A - BG Evil-Lyn does not interest me at all.

    9 8.49%
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Thread: BGEL - rate your satisfaction

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    BGEL - rate your satisfaction

    Yes, yes, I know. Not another ****** BaGEL thread! Please bear with me, though. This is more of an experiment to find out how starkly fandom is split over the issue, and how much gray area there is between loving and hating a figure. Battleground Evil Lyn happens to be the most divisive figure right now, so it's the most convinient one to use as the subject of this poll

    If you answered this other poll, and this poll, please do so here as well, so we'll get as much comparable data as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    The Cerebral Assassin hhhelmsley's Avatar
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    Done and done. I like her new head.

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    No Red Beast, We Riot! Whiplash7's Avatar
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    I don't like the Catra hand. It should have stayed unique to's not a spellcasting hand so much as it's a "I'm catty and will claw your eyes out" hand. Plus, she can't hold both of her weapons with the open hand.
    Otherwise...I'm very satisfied.

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    Guardian of Grayskull zodak74's Avatar
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    My gripes are that they should have waited until they had access to the female 2.0 body before putting this Evil-Lyn out, and they should have given her a new two-piece dress for that twist waist that the first Lyn lacks. Also, not a fan of the 3rd repainting of the staff and knife- some new accessories should have been included with her. I do think that the paint scheme on BG Evil-Lyn does look great- and the second helmetless head is awesome. The cape is a nice touch, but not mindblowing. I just wish the 2002 dress had been used for this variant- all in all she's a variant that could have been held off on until they had all their ducks in a row to give us the proper 2002-styled Lyn fans have been clamoring for. Putting out more females- when Bubble Power She-Ra, The Sorceress, and The Star Sisters all have two-piece outfits that allow for turning the figure at the waist- with the old one-piece tunic that hinders articulation results in a flawed figure, IMO.

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    The closest approximation to my feelings on BGEL is Not very - she has serious flaws that should have been avoided or corrected. I think she should have been held back and someone else placed into production in her place.

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    I am mostly happy with her...I'm pretty sure we'll get a 200x version in 2013 if we make it to it

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    Master of Eternian Lore Chroniklor's Avatar
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    I'm a big fan of BGEL, yet I must agree with some of you here: the new female buck + some more 200X influences would have blown my mind. Otherwise: love her! Love the colours, the helmetless head rules, great cape and glow in the dark orb/staff as a nice extra!
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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    i'm very happy with how she was done.
    kind of a filmation/myp outfit/color hybrid.
    extra helmet less head with white hair.
    spell casting hand.
    200x skin tone.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Only thing I'd change is perhaps the colour scheme. I'm not certain it matches Faceless one completely (actually I think it doesnt much at all, but then again I dont have one in hand, nor seen it compaired online) and I'd really like it to match him closer.

    Dont like the Pink/magenta bright straps on her, though the rest of the use of that colour on the figure I think I can ignore. I'm prolly going to paint those straps.

    But she's great. I realized that she is in fact the best toy version of Evil Lyn Ever.

    That's right. Even if I liked the 200x version better, the toy was plagued by the same pre pose ect problems the whole line had. I prefer this highly articulate larger version.

    That and she's the perfect combination of all previous lyns. She is, with the possible exception of slight colour variation, perfect.

    For what it's worth, yes she should have had the 2.0 buck and dress to match. And I'm not against a more 200x outfit, only she doesnt need it. What she needs is Faceless one Colours. I hope they are closer than It seems.

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    Even without a new tunic, in place of the cape, they might have been able to do a removable back skirt instead, similar to how they included the removable loincloth piece for Grizzlor. Still, I'm otherwise very happy with her. I'd like to see interchangeable hands be used more often and for more than just robotic/cybernetic characters but that's more about the entire line and not necessarily this specific figure. If I had an extra Toyman, I might have seen about swapping one of his hands to see how it fits.
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    MEh... shes ok...i wish she was more 200x...but i feel that way about ALL the classics....but other that that she not a terrible figure...... like clawful
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    Mostly - she has minor flaws that I can live with.

    I passed over yellow-skinned Evil-Lyn, so I don't really mind the reuse here. Had I not done so, I might feel differently. The new head sculpt ultimately wins me over. Yeah, they probably should have held her back and used the new female buck, but what's done is done.
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    I chose N/A because I really don't care. I like Evil-Lyn as a character. I like this figure okay enough but I really don't have any strong feelings either way. She's what's she supposed to be: an inexpensive repaint of a previously released figure.
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    I like her! I would still love to see a young Lyn and/or Snakemen Alliance Lyn too.
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