View Poll Results: How satisfied are you with Battleground Evil-Lyn

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  • Completely - I wouldn't change a thing about her.

    26 25.00%
  • Mostly - she has minor flaws that I can live with.

    46 44.23%
  • Not very - she has serious flaws that should have been avoided or corrected.

    18 17.31%
  • Not at all - she is so flawed she should not have been made.

    5 4.81%
  • N/A - BG Evil-Lyn does not interest me at all.

    9 8.65%
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Thread: BGEL - rate your satisfaction

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    Heroic Greed Horder Analog Jote's Avatar
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    I voted mostly. She's near perfect, and she'd have been the "ultimate" Evil Lyn for me personally if she had the yellow skin.

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    Voted Not very... Thanks To Mattel's "Excuses behind the Laziness" post... If Mattel hadn't gone out of their way to justify BGEL I would've been in the "Mostly" Camp... Her Guy Gardner hair, the Catra Hand (Gummy until proven hard) and lack of 200X dress would be the things that keep me from being in the "Completely Satisfied" camp...
    FINALLY!! GLIMMER IS IN MY SHELF!! Now I need a Crita!! Crita is to Mara what Evil Lyn is to Teela. If we ARE getting Mara, then we NEED Crita.

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    I am most definitely satisfied despite the flaws already mentioned. Some of my friends who are not much into He-Man clearly said that BGEL looks a lot better than the yellow-skinned one. What I'm really disappointed is that her eyes are blue and not violet. But I can live with that.
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    I didn't vote because I wasn't really sure what to chose because while I am VERY happy we have an Evil-Lyn to replace the yellow one, it upsets me even more now that I have her in hand that she truly is JUST ONE piece away from perfection. IMO, if they had JUST given her a new tunic then almost everyone would be happy...or at least satisfied. In a perfect world she would have had the new body as well, but I would have been fine with just the new dress. Other than that, she's perfect; both heads are great and the colors are exquisite, and I'm happy to have her so soon, even if she does fall short.
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    Completely satisfied. I don't have any flaws. Plus Eric said there will be a 200x EL. So no worries. This is just the in between EL.

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