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Thread: Motuc King Hss 200X style

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    Motuc King Hss 200X style

    Hello guys! I'm here with another custom: The fabled 200X style King Hsss..this one has been sitting in my workbench ever since I finished the tutorial on how to swap the biceps.

    I know many are not fond of the 200X style, but for me, it's everything. It's what started my interest on He-man so i'm fond of every design in it.

    This figure includes the transformable snakes and the staff, and has been repackaged for the mint on card collector

    By the way, it has the shoulders corrected

    It's on the "bay" now for those who are interested.
    Here I leave you with the video and some pics:

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    I think he looks great! (I also prefer the 200x style for Hsss.) The only thing I find even a bit off is the head seems not to join that well with the neck--it might be my vision though. But most definitely what I wanted for Hss in the classics.
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    Cool idea but not a very brilliant execution man. The paintjob is awesome but the 200x pieces don't seem to mesh very well with the classics hiss buck. Especially the helmet looks way too small.
    Also would it have been better to use the carnivous belt piece?
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