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Thread: List of other brands props to go with MOTUC

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    List of other brands props to go with MOTUC


    In order to take pictures, I would like to have accessories to build full interiors (sofa, chairs, magazines, bottles, computers, etc) I wonder if you guys know a few sets I could easily get on eBay or amazon.

    Also I would be interested in some exterior props to.
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    Old Jakks WWE and Rocky stuff. Some NECA items could work as well. In some Rare cases some of the stuff for 6 inch scale figures (Marvel Legends or DCUC) CAN work with MOTUC... For backgrounds there is a mountain made for the tiny Army men type of toys that works nice with MOTUC.
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    Ikea have a perfect Classics sized lounge set:

    Also, Monster High have some great handheld props.

    Even Etsy. Though, you'll pay a bit more there...

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    The Resurrection of Monstress line has accessories that work pretty well with MOTUC. Especially the laboratory gear that comes with the Frankenstein girl. Also some of the musical instruments that come with others.

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