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Thread: Tomarts concept art in MOTUC

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    Tomarts concept art in MOTUC

    Well I haven't seen any have these characters show up in MOTUC. And there are certainly a few here that I would love to see, and there are a few here that have gone under some transformation to become the modern day characters that we love today. For those of you who are not fimilar with these characters, follow along on this page here for most of them.

    Horde Mummy- This guy never had any action figure or image created in any other media, but I would love to see this guy as an action figure, some ancient Horde king or something.

    Basher- This guy actually had 2 versions of him in the prototype art , and 2 versions of him in other media(Goat man from the Golden Books, and Andros from the first episode of NA) I Think this proto-art got translated into some intreasting characters and the concept art served its purpose.

    BrainMan- This guy never had any depection in any media that I know of, although Brainwave from the create a character contest does look a bit like him. I see him as an evil warrior, someone who can control other peoples minds, new power that hasnt been used before.

    Cometroid (1) & (2)- These guys looked like alot like the rock warriors, some good, some evil, but I think thats what these guys translated into in the end.

    Dial-a-mug- This guy appeared in the POP series in a couple of episodes, and although he appears differently then the concept art, His action feature was supposed to be that you can switch the three dials on his face to give him different expressions, which was translated in the cartoon real well. So I think that when we get a Dylamug figure, I hope this action feature is included.

    Horde Mammoth- This guy never had any form in any media before and would translate well into a figure. He would look awesome if they made him as a large scale figure like Shadow beast or Gygor, really give him that Wolly Mammoth.

    Big Foot (Footso)(Lead Foot)- THis guy has never been in any other media of him, but it always seemed to me that he was a better fit for an arch nemisis for Fisto then Jitsu. He would definitaly translate into a excellent figure, his could even be a reuse of Mosquitors boot. He would be an excellent Evil warrior.

    Hanesome- Another character that has no other media of him. He would be a Heroic Warrior but i am not sure how well he would translate into an action figure, cause frankly, is special characteristic is kinda lame, 2 huge hands, but hey if Mattel wants to make him, id buy him.

    Acrobad- The proto art of this jester had 2 ideas for this character, one in human form and one in Lizard form. The one in human form appeared in an episode of POP, But he wasn't necessarily part of the horde, just kinda working for them.

    Manotaur- The Centaur seemed to Translate into Sagitaur, from the NA series, so it seems that this concept art translates into a great character that I hope to see in MOTUC.

    Super Brain Man- This cross between Brainman and Clawful would be a cool addition o the ranks of the horde, the evil warriors already have a crab warrior and a guy with a hug brain. This concept art did not have any other translation into any other media.

    Tank Top- This is another character that never ened up in anything else but his concept art,and he kinda reminds me of a Preeternian Man at Arms with his new armor fighting along side King Grayskull and his heroic warriors. I think he would Translate into an excellent figure for MOTUC And Preeternia needs more heros.

    Transparent Man- Although he had no apperences other then the concept art, He always intriged me with his "Special" Power of being Transparent. Maybe whatever he touches becomes transparent or he can become invisible, what ever it may be, I imagine, would be one of King Grayskulls warriors from PreTernia,his spy.

    Vulture Humanoid- This character was the design for Vultak that appeared in a 2 episodes of POP. Cant wait for this figure to come out in MOTUC.

    TreePlant man- I think this was the inspiration for Evilseed. A figure of him is eventually coming.

    Warthog Man- I feel they used his concept art for inspiration to Create the one off Character for Slime Pig- keeper of the slime pit. Although they took some liberties with the design, the concept is the same. And I would love to for Mattel to make him into an action figure.

    Good/Bad Witch- Although they never appeared in any other media, I dont think that they would translate well into figures, they dont really have anything special in their look. And the bad guys dont need anymore witchs!

    5 Gladiators- These 5 guys have a silimar looks but all are uniquely different. They all just look like warriors that would help out King Grayskull in his battle with the Fighting Foe Men. Would love these guys in MOTUC.

    Sword and Socerery- This is another unrelized potential in the archives of the MOTU. He now fits perfectly into King grayskulls time as one of his warriors, and he would fit in perfecly in MOTUC.

    Female Soceress- This women in the white gown with the white cat, she reminds me totally of Illumina and her cat, Which I know everyone wants in MOTUC.

    Female Archer- A version of this character that appeared in one epsiode of MOTU as Bowenna. A Female version of Bow to help out the Masters would be a welcomed addition in MOTUC.

    Bubbly guy- This concept art character is one of those characters which would perfectly in this line. He would fit in with the Horde perfectly.

    Scitzho- This is the orignal name for two bad. He looked a little different, eye patch, he was supposed to be a little crazy, and I think they toned down his design in order to make him more marketable.

    Horrorsaur- This was the origanl design for Whiplash.

    Black Widow- This was the orignal design for Webstor.

    Hoarder- This character was very original in that it included 3 figures in one. The cloak hid his little minions. No sure what sort of affilation she should have.

    So I think that covers all the characters were in the Tomarts article. So in retrospect the Totally new characters are

    Horde Mummy
    Horde Mammoth
    Tank top
    Transparent man
    5 Gladiators
    Good/bad witch
    Bubbly guy

    And the characters that had concept art that translated into possible characters are

    Cometroid(1)(2)/Rock People
    Vulture Humanoid/Vultak
    Tree plant man/ Evillseed
    Warthog man/ Slime Pig
    Female Socreress/Illumina
    Female Archer/Boweena
    Scitzho/Two Bad
    Black Widow/ Webstor

    So inclusion some of these are obviously better candidates then others for MOTUC figures but I think they all deserve a chance to get reconginaton for their place in MOTU History and a second chance at becoming an action figure

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    Scott talked about this in the pre-SDCC Roast Gooble. He has no idea who has the rights. They only showed up in that magazine.

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    There's a custom Horde Mummy/ Fear-oh that COTU did a few years back. Great stuff.

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    I'd live for these to be possible someday. The Horde Mummy alone would make me superhappy!
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    Jackel mans armor would work very well for big foot
    Big Foot.jpg
    big foot-1.jpg
    And lions loin cloth would work well with Col. Blast and King Stefan
    col. blast.jpg
    king stephan.JPG

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