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Thread: If BG EVIL LYN is moved to december...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jor-El View Post
    November, whilst figure heavy, only has BP She-Ra as the figure everyone has to order, and I can see a lot of people skipping.
    Have to disagree. BP She-Ra replaces regular She-Ra because if the improved buck, skirt, deco, etc.

    On the contrary, most will probably order multiples of this figure. That alone makes me hope they don't move the WR to November.
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    For those of you who are confused, and here is a link to the matty page

    here is the question that was asked

    Somewhere on Matty can you post a release schedule for MOTU? If there is one I can't find it. I know you keep some stuff, like rereleases under wraps, but would be cool to see so I can plan out ahead.

    Here's hoping that the rereleases include Man-At-Arms, Teela, Bow, Count Marzo, and Mer ManSmiler

    and here is the answer toyguru gave

    One of the issues with doing this is things change all the time. Due to fan requests we are looking into moving BG Evil Lyn to December, however it also looks like the Windraider may slip out to Nov or Dec as well.

    With things a bit in flux, it is hard to publish a firm list. But we will see what we can do!

    i dont know WHAT the fn fan request on bg evil lyn was, other than move her to a cheaper cost month, but moving the wind raider is counter productive to that measure, tho the wr could also wind up in dec as well.

    this news was all covered here in the toyguru news thread for august :-p
    guess no one created a topic for it tho

    im not 100% sure battle ground evil lyn has been 100% officially moved to december either btw guys
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