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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread September 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for September 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    The Mighty Spector ownership concerns

    If you sent the original sketch off to a comic company as a character submission, did you rememberto check on what that company's policies are regarding character rights before going forward with the figure?

    Is it possible that, like entries into your Creat-A-Character contest, the Mighty Spector is not actually your property?

    The Mighty Spector belongs to Mattel 100% (as do all of the 30th figures including the winner of the new contest and all the entries).

    And by the way, The Mighty Spector is far from the first Spector at Mattel. My first gig at Mattel was as a writer on the Hot Wheels brand (before moving into Marketing to work on and later DC Universe etc...). In the Wheels Group I used the name for both a Basic Car and a Hot Wheels Modifighter Robot/Car. (Mattel encourages reusing trademarks when it makes sense, it can be a good cost saver).

    Check out the Modifighter figure/vehicle for an Easter Egg linking it to The Mighty Spector!
    Temple of Darkness Zoar?

    will we see a Temple of Darkness Zoar with the clear wings in a Weapons pak with her white stand and armor?

    I suppose anything is possible. But we don't have one planned for release right now. It wouldn't be out of the question if fans really want one.
    Generic stands?

    Although the stands by the 4HM are awesome, did you considered doing generic colored MOTUC stands as you did with the different blue DC-stands?

    One sculpt, molded in different colors for the factions?

    Certainly an option. Maybe one day. Cool idea.
    Additional Bios for Khan, Weaver, and Draego-Man

    I really enjoyed the new bios shown at Power-Con. Do you have an estimate as to when we can see Kobra Khan's, Shadow Weaver's, and Draego-Man's bios? If they were at the show, I apologize, because I must have missed them. If not, when do you think they'll get posted?

    And, since we saw the Temple of Darkness Sorceress bio, how about Slushhead's, Stinkor's, the Griffon's, and the Mighty Spector's bios? Any plan on their release date?

    We will reveal the bios on the package when the package team is finishes each and/or we get samples. I was actually working with Joyce Oller from package design on the Thunder Punch He-Man, Khan and Slushhead pack outs and cross sell shots today (reviewing the vintage pack outs and cross sell poses to match them to the new ones!).

    So the packaging is not done yet on anyone else.
    Shadow Weavers floating stand?

    I was curious if the stand that makes Shadow Weaver appear to float will it be done very Clear plastic or will it be cloudy plastic like shown at SDCC and in this picture from Powercon?

    Her stand should really be as invisible as possible to acheave the floating affect in my opinion. Can you comment on this further please?

    I'll need to ask Terry but I think the idea is to do all clear. I'll see if I can get a more specific answer from him.
    TG, Question about TOD Sorceress

    First off Scott,
    I thought this weekend was solid with the reveals. Seeing Stinkor and Griffin (along with what we know about 2012 sub) really solidifies that I made the right decision in getting thesub again this year. I am so happy for all this vintage goodness. Great job to you and your team. OK...question.
    What is the time frame/release schedule look like for TOD Sorceress? Are those "Traveling Cons" coming up anytime soon? Will Matty release a schedule to keep us informed? I'll wait till December if I have to, but I would love to know when we get our first shot at her. any while you probably can't tell us, but are her production numbers equal to the normal monthly figure or is it more in line with Con exclusive figures? Thanks in advance for answering and congrats once again on a good show. Other then DR, your kicking butt.Keep it up.

    At this point we have not locked down which conventions outside of SDCC we are going to. TOD Sorceress will be available first at the first show we go to in 2012. We hope to have this locked down in the next few months.
    Toyguru...A DEMAND

    Can you please schedule every month around my personal buying habits, finances, and figure tastes? If you don't you are a big stinky head, and I will go on irrational, borderline paranoid, rants about you.

    Stinky head.

    No problem. We will redesign the entire line around your personal needs going forward. ;-)
    30th Anniversary Subscription question

    Confirming that ordering the 30th Anniversary sub now, that these figures will ship with the previously order subscriptions. You stated that ordering any sub, regardless of the purchase date, that all available figures will ship together. The 30th Ann. Sub. was not available then. I would like confirmation that this new sub's figures will ship with the figures of previously ordered sub.

    Yes, all subs bought by the same person will ship together regardless of when you buy them, not or during/over the week of SDCC.
    2012 Quote Question

    You once said that in 2012, collectors would be able to look at their colletion and have a pretty wide array of pieces and feel pretty satisfied (this is paraphrased). Do you still see this as the forecast? And will Griffin's wings indeed be grayish instead of the brown shown in the cartoon?

    I'll have to ask the Horsemen regarding the wings. They designed the deco.

    As for 2012, yeah, I still think by the end of 2012 the line will start to feel like it is got a lot of meat on its bones with lots of factions filling out.
    TG, any chance to see your vintage drawing for Mighty Spector one day?

    Any chance to see your vintage drawing for Mighty Spector?
    I can't wait to learn more about him and read his bio! Very cool new character IMHO.

    Oh man! I wish. I sent the original into a comic book company as a pitch when I was 11 and didn't make a copy! For the new MOTUC fig I did a pencil sketch from memory and Terry rendered it as an actual B sheet based on my memory sketch.
    Re: Illumina

    A follow up to your earlier post about Illumina. Can you answer how many people demanded Vikor, Gygor, and Demo-Man in comparison to Illumina? Are you saying that more people demanded those three over Illumina?

    Think of it this way. I would have a lot easier time going to my boss and saying we want to do a figure based on concept art for He-Man or Skeletor or an unproduced prototype from the vintage line vs. A character who appeared in a pin up and in the background of a comic issue. The others have a lot more "cool" appeal for my bosses. If we are to do Illumina I would need more then 1 appearance and about 50 very vocal posters and another 200 or so lurkers.

    You sign up 5K unique fans and we'll push her up in the schedule. (not just fans who want her, but want her to come out sooner pushing off another non 30th or non main sub figure)
    2012 MOTUC Stinkor

    My question is this is it still possible to make a small change to the figure?

    It's a slight change and it will please many of us fans.
    Stinkors feet shown at Powercon have the same three toed feet as Skeletor & Mer-Man. Could you and the Horsemen change just the feet for the same style feet used on Hordak?
    The Horsemen used feet similar to Hordaks in the Stinkor Staction and I think it will be a huge improvement to this figures look. Just change the feet, the Skeletor style Shin guards are fine.
    See enclosed pics.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope Stinkors Feet can be changed before he goes into production.

    Classics is based on the vintage line, not the 200X Stactions. This particular design choice was already made by the Horsemen. But this is certainly a cool way to refresh Stinkor down the road. But for this release we are going with the Horsemen's original current design choice. Cool idea though!
    Illumina vs Mighty Spector

    Now that we have the Mighty Spector who had the fan support of 1 can you stop saying Illumina needs more fan support? She's got 10X more then Mighty Spector...i like his look but he's NO Illumina

    I addressed this today at the hour long Q & A at Power Con, but let me see if I can review.

    Illumina is not a highly demanded figure.

    She is a figure that the same 50 fan forum members request over and over. We know because we did an analysis of fan forums and reviewed how many unique posters their are.

    Further, in a recent poll, only 171 people voted for her to be made. 171. Honestly, that is tiny. Especially in light of the thousands of subs we have sold.

    The internet gives every fan a voice and the medium by definition tend to sku "demand" because it allows a very small minority to be louder then they really are. The same 50 people posting over and over again does not translate to a character being highly demanded by the larger toy buying customer base. Yes, the 50- fans on really want this figure, and they are very passionate, but that simply does not translate to a figure being highly demanded outside of this very small group.

    The Mighty Spector is an all new character introduced into the 30th line. Of course no one was demanding him. No one knew about him before Power Con. He fills a slot in the 30th line as an all new figure. Illumina as an existing figure does not qualify as an all new figure for this sub line within MOTUC.

    We certainly can get to her one day, but do fans really want her to bump another figure like Ram Man, Frosta, Flogg, or even Dragstor? I asked this at Power Con and the audience clearly felt Ram Man, Frosta, etc... should come first.

    Comparing Illumina and any of the 6 30th figures is not really a fair comparison as they do not take up the same slots. She would be a standard monthly figure, Spector never would be. He only works for the 30th line.

    I imagine we will get to her one day, but we are really focusing on actual fan demanded characters first like the vintage line, POP, 200X characters, NA and so forth. Outside of the same 50 people posting over and over again, the "demand" really is minimal.

    This isn't meant to be negative, just looking at the facts!

    We know a small minority really want her. And she is cool. We just have a lot more figures we (and the majority of fans) seem to want first. Maybe down the road. No one is saying she is off the table, she just is not a priority to rush to plastic. ;-)

    Point Dread & Talon Fighter

    If/when the Talon Fighter comes out will it come with Point Dread and everything the original one had? The original was like 3 Toys in one. Talon Fighter came with canopy, radar dish, and wings and The parapet could detach and fit on top of Castle Grayskull. Plus it had a record(a CD would be cool now and kids would love this) with an illustrated comic book with two stories.

    I suppose anything is possible but as we don't have a Talon Fighter in development these type of conversations simply have not taken place. While we have a general idea of the roll out of figures, it is only a list of names, we have not thought out or planned out exact details for every sku.
    Queen Angella

    For MOTUC, when you get to Queen Angella, do you think you will go with the Filmation version, or the She-Ra toy line version? Or will you poll fans? I think most will want the Filmation version.

    We tend to leave design choices like this up to the Horsemen who for the most part have said they will aim to do a version of each character likely taking inspiration from all versions.

    One note on the POP characters in general is that for MOTUC we are treating them as action figures, not dolls. So when we look at the vintage POP toys (which were dolls) we try to imagine how the POP girls would have looked had they been done instead as female action figures in the MOTU vintage line (like Teela or Sorceress etc...) and update them into Classics figures (rather then update the dolls).

    You can see how this was done for Adora, She-Ra, Bow, Catra and the Star Sisters (see, who says we haven't done POP! There have been more POP then Snake Men so far!)
    Stinkor main buck??

    As you will be aware, the original stinkor used Merman's body as well as head. However, the cardback art used beastman's body. While I appreciate you can't comment on figures beyond TP he-man, it's pretty clear that fans are fairly divided on what main buck they'd like to see for stinkor. Could we perhaps see BOTH versions of stinkor get a release? Have you thought about having a fan poll on the site (like you had for man-e-faces) to choose which version comes first?

    Anything is possible. We usually leave design choices like this to the Horsemen. But it is always possible to do one version first and another down the road. We'll have to see how they Horsemen tackle him when and if we get to Stinkor.
    NA in 2012 (and thank you for Icarius)

    Hi TG, Thankyou so much for Icarius, he looks superb. And considering the Overwhelming love he is receiving do you feel more confident about NA in MOTUC? And without giving details away (as I know you cant) Is there a possibility we may see another NA character in 2013?

    You will see at least 1 (if not more!) NA figures every year (ideally, things do change all the time, but that is the plan)
    Cape Question

    Toyguru, I know can't speak for other companies, but why aren't there anymore cloth capes in ANY line? It doesn't hinder articulation or weight causing the figure to topple. Is it a price issue or just easier? I realize I might be 10 years too late for this topic, but I've always wondered why.

    Capes are a tough one. About half the fans want cloth, half want plastic. In the start of the line the Horsemen and Mattel design decided that as a general look they were going to avoid soft goods as a brand look for the MOTUC line and to keep all the figures with one unified look. Obviously if someone really calls for it we can always revisit this (as we did for the rooted hair on Megator's second head) but it won't be a regular thing.

    Also, soft goods (and rooted hair) are generally more expensive and not doing them is a way to keep costs under control.
    BEAST MOTU question for ToyGuru!

    You told us that Multi bot or Modulok would be considered like a beast.
    I know that you can't discuss about figures not yet revealed but...
    Would you consider Horde Prime like a giant (eg: Filmation) or like a regular figure (eg: UK Magazine version)?

    Mutlibot or Modulock are necessarily a beast, but they would likely be more then a standard 20.00 figure due to all the parts. Whether this would be a beast/multipack slot, a convention item or a non sub item has yet to be announced, but it is true they would not work as a standard fig.

    As for Horde Prime, sorry, but we just can't comment past Thunder Punch He-Man. Lots of ways we could do him, how and when and if remains to be seen!
    Figure only sub option for 2013?

    I've been an ardent supporter of the MOTU Classics line since attending SDCC in 2008. I am not getting a sub in 2012 as I feel the DELUXE character selection announced so far, such as POP 3-pack, are too obscure.

    With the introduction of a 30th Anniversary figure only sub, is there a chance of seeing 'figure only' and an 'all in' sub in 2013 to appeal to a wider cross-section of collectors?

    No, we won't be offering a tiered sub in 2013. Most fans want MOTUC to work for their particular buying habits be it all in, monthly figs only, vintage figs only, pop only, etc...

    In the end, we have to go with a system that makes the most business sense. While it will not work for everyone's individual buying habits, it does offer some flex and is what we can offer for a relatively low quota online collector line.
    1987 Movie rights - did Mattel try?

    Hi there. When Mattel announced that they had finally got the Filmation/Jetlag rights, ToyGuru then told the panel at SDCC that unfotunately that didn't stretch to getting the Movie rights.

    Did ToyGuru/Mattel attempt to indeed obtain the rights to the 1987 Movie characters? I'm not asking for legal specifics, just whether or not the attempt was made to get them.

    Yes, the movie rights are not available for the MOTUC line. If they were and it was logistically possible we would of course be interested.
    Price Increase

    Are you going to tell us how much the figures are going to cost if we don't get a subscription before the subscription sale ends? If the cost isn't too much of a increase, I will be a "cherry picker" as you call some people, but if it is more, I may subscribe. I just hate paying for something I don't know what it will be

    While we don't have day of prices to announce right now, obviously you will know how much you are paying by the time you make a purchase. We are still a few months from 2012, hang in there, we will know this sooner then later.
    Any chance the day of sale price increases can be revealed BEFORE Oct. 3rd?

    What are the chances of the day of sale price increases being revealed before Oct. 3rd?

    Do you think revealing the day of sale price increases while the subs have been reopened could help entice more fence sitters to get a sub (that way they'll know how much they're actually saving per figure by getting a sub versus purchasing on the 15th of each month), instead of revealing the price increase some time after Oct. 3rd?

    Possible. We are still running numbers. It will likley go up 1-5 dollars per figure. We want to keep any increase as low as possible.
    Bird Buck

    I've got all my display figures crowded onto a couple of shelves and I noticed that Zoar and Screech look a bit odd perched with their wings extended. Have you guys given any thought to giving us versions of these characters with closed wings? Maybe as a pack-in with a future variant? I imagine you could use the existing bodies with small new wing pieces or as small unarticulated figures like the Doomseeker.

    Anything is possible but we don't have plans for a Zoar 2.0 anything soon.
    30th Anniversary Sub - Any New Reveals?

    Are there any new reveals coming to help bump up sales for the 30th Anniversary Sub.?

    Will there be any reveals for the regular MOTUC sub?

    We are going to bring everything the Horsemen are done with to Power Con. Hopefully that will include the next 30th fig. It all depends on how much they can get done in time.
    Why is MOTUC marketed as 6 inch scale action figures Instead of 7 inch?

    What I mean is, why are they marketed as 6 inch?

    They're on a 7 inch scale, every one of them. They're all well over 7 inches tall, and scaled to the right 7 inch proportions.

    So I have to wonder why they're marketed as 6 inch action figures instead of 7 inch.

    They are still 6" in scale. Even Tytus is in 6" scale and he is over 12". MOTU characters have always been bigger and badder to a standard figure!
    Price increases?

    How much will be the motu figures on the sale day?

    That is still being determined. But it will be higher then the 2008 prices locked in for sub holders.
    Subs reopening, but I'm afraid of DR

    I'm not sure it's even worth me subscribing (it would be my first time). My current credit card expires in November, so knowing what Digital River is like based on all the horror stories, they'll just cancel my sub anyways even after I update my new card's expiry date because they'll continue to try to charge the old card.

    Has DR gotten their act together yet?

    We are working hard with DR and our whole digitial team to improve the process for updating addresses and credit cards! We've heard you!
    Toyguru-Can Granamyr get his own Sub or pre-order?

    Since Mattel is now adding the 30th anniversay Sub to the 2012 Subscription,is there any chance Granamir can get his own Subscription or Pre-order and have him ship with the Regular monthly Subscription when he is Released?

    No. We specifically need to keep new line growth items like this out of the sub simply because the subs need to be (for legal reasons) promoted ahead of time to buyers with specfic prices. We'd like to deliver Granamyr at around the 80.00 price point but their is always a chance this could change and we need the flexibilty on new items to have this flexibilty and keep growth items out of the sub.
    Price increase on Sub Holders is not fair

    I own a sub already.
    But everytime I want to buy another one (If it's an army builder, or important charcacter or it simply comes with two heads) I'll have to pay extra money on sale date??????

    Are you telling me that I'll have to buy an extra sub so I wont be charged more if it happens that I want another figure??

    And not telling us how much is the price increase?

    And also, making us buy the sub for the 30th anniversary wihout knowing if the characters (all new and never before seen) to be released are going to be og our liking?

    Really matty??

    I think you should stop with this mercenary tactics and start treating sub holders with respect.
    First of all, consider on making special prices and stock availability on sub holders on sale dates.
    Please stop the date sale madness once and for all.

    If I own 3 subs, I should be able to buy the same amount of figures I already own because of the sub.

    And we should be able to buy them prior to anyone else. And the rest of the people the day after.

    Please stop treating us as cattle.

    Sub holders will still pay the 2008 prices, they are locked in. Due to ever increasing costs of raw materials and labor we do need to raise prices on day-of sales. We simply can't hold 2008 prices going forward.

    Everyone tends to want MOTUC to work for their exact buying habbits and honestly that simply is not possible. In the reality of today's world to run an adult collector line we have to base it around the sub sales and increased day of prices. We simply can not cater the line to every single individual fan's specific buying habbits.
    Is there fresh potential for Castle Grayskull in 2012 if the MOTUC sub sales increase

    Will the potential for taking the next step in growing the line (playsets such as Castle Grayskull) be back on the table if the sub sale numbers increase? If so can we have some kind of measure of how many more sub sales Mattel need in order for this to happen. Maybe MOTUC fans could be shown a similar measuring devise to the one used for the previous DC infinate earths sub sale?

    If we saw a huge increase in subs we could consider it, but it may be too late at this point for 2013.
    rooted hair,vac metal and faith in Mattel

    from the start of the line we got told that rooted hair and vac metal did not fit in the line and would not be used can you tell us why we got them now?

    and with alot of Mattel's statements seeming not to be true *rooted hair,vac metal,2000x evil-lyn not being a repaint* can you see why fan's are loosing faith in what Mattel tells fans?

    When we have are opportunities to add in these features we certainly look into it. But it won't be something added to every figure. Very high costs are often involved!
    new sub

    so if have the MOTU 2012 sub already does it include the 30th anniversary figures or do we have to purchase that sub seperately?

    No. The MOTUC 2012 sub (whether bought in Aug or now) does not include the 6 30th anniversairy figures. You will need to purchase the new 30th sub to add these figures in.
    Blank Template for 30th Anniversary contest

    Toyguru, I've posted this in the original forum so I thought I would put it here too. I was wondering if you could put out a printable blank template of the male and female bucks, with side, back and possible single arms and legs views for us non artistic people. I want to submit something to the contest but can't draw to save my life.

    You are not being judged on artistic skill. We have had many many entries from young children in crayon so don't worry if your submission is a stick figure. It is the concept, not the art that will be reviewed.
    Please TG, do you know...

    Like you, I'm so sike for the the big 30 for MOTU. I know I was one of the first to have in in October, my friends said it was later and I think it was earlier....Do we know the exact month he first appeared? I don't want to lose my Swift Winds from the 80's on being wrong.

    The actual 30th date will be Oct 30, 2012. But the celebration will last all year!
    Hey TG, Color Changing Faker as a SDCC Exclusive

    I think this has been brought up on other forums and just recently here.
    What do you think about a Color Changing Faker exclusive? And would it cost a lot of money in tooling for a color change effect that is NOT similar to Orko. This Faker would change from He-Man's skin to Faker's Blue color in sunlight. Very similar to the G.I. Joe Zartan figure from the 80's. There seems to be some interest out there, but I know we need more fan support to give this ideas "legs". Thanks.

    It is a cool idea but we've already done Faker twice at conventions. If we revisit him in again it is likely he would be in an A list variant slot and not a convention slot. But nothing to confirm right now.
    Man-E-Faces secret Accessory question

    The paint application on the skeletor face on this accessory is pretty terrible. Is there any reason why we're seeing so many green skelly faces? The reissue of the figure suffered from this problem and now this face. It doesn't look like skelly's face because of the lack of yellow. Is this intentional or is it a mistake?

    The paint deco was created by the Horsemen and Bill from design and is intentional. Every figure is hand painted so human error and subtle changes due occur figure to figure.
    2011 and 2012 Subscription Address Change

    Hello, I am moving in September and I think I have changed BOTH my billing and shipping address for my 2011 subscription, the reason I say "I think I have changed" is because it shows on the bottom of my original order from 7/21/2010 for the 2011 subscription that my address change went through, but I also called and the service representative said the change doesn't show on his end, will I be receiving the September subscription items at my new address?? I would also like to know how to change my address for billing and shipping for my purchased 2012 subscription--or will the change automatically go through for 2012 because of the change made to my 2011 subscription?? Please help, I have called customer service a few times and they barely understand what I am talking about, and I don't want to miss out or have any of my items sent to my old address.

    We are working on some major improvements to the site including an easier way to change addresses and credit cards.
    Last Year

    Last Year you let us know that Clamp Champ would not be out in 2011 how are we looking for 2012?

    Sorry, we just aren't going to comment past Thunder Punch He-Man right now.
    Follow up question: 200X Variant bumped for a Filmation character

    Without saying who the character was, can you at least clarify on whether the Filmation character you were referring to was Shadow Weaver or a yet-to-be-revealed Filmation Monthly/variant?

    A yet to be revealed figure!
    Look at this one, Toyguru ...

    No comment on this one I got in the mail today morning.

    The head certainly can't come off, the moment it is boxed properly because the package design will not allow it. So I guess you know WHO is responsible for this no-go from China.

    All MOTUC figures are placed in the blister by hand at our vendor. Obviously this is human error and if you call our customer service line you can arrange a replacement.
    Castle Grayskull in 2013 or 2014?

    I was giving some thought to what you said about if Mattel did Castle grayskull for MOTUC toy line that it would be several hundered Dollars minimum to do it right. Well I saw this custom over on and as you can see it's in scale with the MOTUC figures

    This only looks to be about 12 inches taller than the 200x Castle Mattel put out.
    The 200x Casle Grayskull was electronic too and retailed for about $50.00 Now from reading Eric Treadways interview it seems the Four Horsemen really want to sculpt Castle Grayskull. If The Four Horsemen can make the MOTUC Castle Grayskull so it opens up like the 200x castle did then I see no reason why Mattel can't make this without the electronics and sell it on MattyCollector for $125.00 - $150.00? My god Your doing Granamyr at $80.00 and it's going to be larger than tytus.

    If you want Club Eternia subscription sales to go back up for 2013 or 2014 then drop the beast Skues and the four quarterly Varients for one Subscription and Give the MOTUC fans the Castle Grayskull we have been waiting for since 2008 when MOTUC's started.

    12 monthly figures at $20.00 = $240.00 plus Castle Grayskull at $150.00 for a total of $390.00 not including tax and shipping fees.
    To be totally honest Scott I'm really Shocked Mattel Didn't Announce Castle Grayskull for the 30th.

    Please run it by whoever you need to Scott to make this happen for 2013 or 2014 the latest.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    The reason for a high price tag on a proposed Grayskull is due to the limited run. The smaller the run, the higher the cost and therefore the higher the price tag for customers. The 200X castle and the vintage castle both were at mass retail with very high production runs aimed at kids and moms which is why the were at lower costs.

    Everything we do on is a much smaller run compared to a retail line with mom and kid interest. Doing something as large as CG at a quota is what drives the price.

    Will we get a scabbard for Prince Adam maybe in a future weapons pack?

    At this time all Weapons Paks are repaints, so the answer would be no.
    Any chance of reopening the MoTUC 2012 sub if you go forward with the add on?

    I was just wondering if you were considering reopening the Masters 2012 subscription for the duration of the add on sub sale?

    Likely so. We are still working on the details.

    Is there any way you could do more reissues each month? I.e. Orko, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Keldor, Tytus?

    Sometimes there will be in 2012.
    Wind Raider Box Art

    I caught a glimpse of the box art for the wind raider and I'm impressed. Is there any chance we can get a pic of it for our wallpapers?

    Maybe down the road. If it happens it will be well after the toy has sold.
    Evil Lyn...bios or minicomics?

    Is there going to be an explanation (in the bios or mini comics) about Evil Lyn's skin color change?

    A "GIANT" question for MIGHTY Toyguru about MOTUC

    There is a BEAST SKU and the AWESOME Tytus and Megator are already released.

    But after them, will we see more Giants in the MOTUC line (e.g 3 MYP giants from the council of evil, Procrustus from the mini comic, Horde Prime interpretation by the 4H, Filmation Molkrom, MYP BoneMonsters, Filmation Colossor or the Giant Gorgon Woman from the Brazilian comic ...)?

    Sorry, we can't comment on any specific figures past Thunder Punch He-Man for now.
    Yet another MOTUC Character Creation Contest Question

    Hey Matty, thanks again for the contest!

    I did have a couple of questions though. I know they might seem like no-brainer questions, but I guess I need the personal clarity.

    1) I'm assuming we need to put the name of the Character we created on the design right? (Like I said, just me being antsy I guess.) And I assume a back story isn't necessary too?

    2) Should we list new and re-used parts? I would think based on designs it wouldn't bee too terribly hard to figure out what's reused and what's new. But just in case there would be any guessing at all. Is that advisable or just not necessary altogether?

    Thanks for your time again and thanks again for the contest!

    You don't have to list out a name or parts list but you are welcome to. Mattel reserves the right to choose the final name and bio but likley we will work with the winner on this.
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