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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC News Thread September 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riddle of Steel View Post
    Yea, don't be surprised. They've got this all figured out already and are just playing every one like a fiddle.
    I think if they had it all figured out they would have mentioned the potential for Castle Grayskull, the possible price increase for day-of-sale figures, and the option to add the 30th anniversary figures to the sub before the 2011 subscription went on sale. As it is, the last month has generated some pretty poor press for Mattel - at least on fan sites like the .org.

    Whether re-opening the sub will get enough extra takers to make a Grayskull feasible for 2013 is debatable. I really hope it will. I suspect that the fall in subscription sales has less to do with cherry-pickers and Digital River than it does with a drop in the number of re-sellers buying multiple subs. Will they be enticed by this second chance?

    Oh - and I think that if the sub is re-opened it'll only be from the March 2012 figure onwards (in the same way the add-on 30th anniversary sub is only going to be from the second figure). That would seem consistent with what Toyguru has said in the past regarding them having to know the number of figures they produce x months in advance. I have to say that I don't find anything disingenuous in re-opening the sub.
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