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    Hi TG,
    For MOTUC, when you get to Queen Angella, do you think you will go with the Filmation version, or the She-Ra toy line version? Or will you poll fans? I think most will want the Filmation version.

    Also, is Clawdeen on the table?

    We tend to leave design choices like this up to the Horsemen who for the most part have said they will aim to do a version of each character likely taking inspiration from all versions.

    One note on the POP characters in general is that for MOTUC we are treating them as action figures, not dolls. So when we look at the vintage POP toys (which were dolls) we try to imagine how the POP girls would have looked had they been done instead as female action figures in the MOTU vintage line (like Teela or Sorceress etc...) and update them into Classics figures (rather then update the dolls).

    You can see how this was done for Adora, She-Ra, Bow, Catra and the Star Sisters (see, who says we haven't done POP! There have been more POP then Snake Men so far!)
    I guess this kills some of the hope for toy-based Star Sisters. This answer is really kind of frustrating, because there's no way that Starla and Tallstar would be "dolls" by giving them their toy outfits in sculpted plastic.

    So I guess no updated Fantastic Fashions either?


    The reason that I'm upset, is because they keep making disparaging remarks about the classic POP toys and giving fans of those versions the runaround. The toy designs were obviously good enough to update in MOTUC before Mattel learned they could make style-guide versions all along, and obtained the rights to Filmation looks, yet now many of their answers amount to: "Icky dolls!" in reference to the vintage toys.

    Total slap in the face to hardcore vintage toy fans who have been supporting this line.

    Moreover, in Scott's own words, "too girly" wasn't supposed to be a problem in this line anyway. I also specifically asked if secondary POP characters in their toy line designs were a real possibility in this line and they said yes! They also said, while they wouldn't be doing Fantastic Fashions as standalone SKUS, they certainly could do use them on a POP character as a new update. So what gives? I'm tired of Mattel hiding behind this notion of: "Toy line POP doesn't fit in with MOTUC" when Flipshot/Icarius looks nothing like most of the MOTU figures. (He looks awesome, but let's be real)

    And while I realize that their response says "in general", the fact that they keep badmouthing toy line POP just makes it seem like they're giving false hope.
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