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    Quote Originally Posted by bribri4u View Post
    The 30th Anniversary figures are supposed to be new figures that have never been done before so there WOULDN"T BE ANY FAN DEMAND for them. As far as Phhotog he won the contest 30 years ago and was never made by Mattel i think them bookending the anniversary line with the figure that won the contest thirty years ago and the winner from this contest was brilliant and i for one am glad they did it this way. Photog never apperared in any official media except being announced as the winning figure in the past contest.
    I understand all of that; I alluded to it in my post. I too am VERY happy that Photog is included.

    My point is that negating Illumina as a possibility due to her being an existing character, even though she has only had one appearance and some history amongst fans... is contradicted by the fact that they included Photog, who also basically only has one appearance and history amongst fans.

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Force View Post
    So I might have misunderstood you here as well. But to me it is that Fearless Photog qualifies for the 30th anniversary line because he already won this darn contest and his figure is overdue for 25 years now. Whereas Illumina wasnt created for the contest nor specifically for the 30th subline, but to be a canon character, at least in MVC comics.
    Then he needs to clearly define what the 30th anniversary line is. Is it all about "new" characters, as he has said in multiple outlets? That would somewhat negate both Illumina and Photog, as neither is a "brand-new" character. Or is this all about fan-created characters, which would then include Spector, Draego-Man, Geoff Johns character...and both Photog AND Illumina. Scott himself said Illumina was a "fan-pitched" character, didn't he?

    The point is that you can't have it both ways. You can't say the line cannot include pre-existing characters and include Photog... and you can't say it only covers "fan" created characters and NOT include Illumina as a possibility.

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