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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC News Thread September 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by bribri4u View Post
    The 30th Anniversary figures are supposed to be new figures that have never been done before so there WOULDN"T BE ANY FAN DEMAND for them. As far as Phhotog he won the contest 30 years ago and was never made by Mattel i think them bookending the anniversary line with the figure that won the contest thirty years ago and the winner from this contest was brilliant and i for one am glad they did it this way. Photog never apperared in any official media except being announced as the winning figure in the past contest.
    I understand all of that; I alluded to it in my post. I too am VERY happy that Photog is included.

    My point is that negating Illumina as a possibility due to her being an existing character, even though she has only had one appearance and some history amongst fans... is contradicted by the fact that they included Photog, who also basically only has one appearance and history amongst fans.

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Force View Post
    So I might have misunderstood you here as well. But to me it is that Fearless Photog qualifies for the 30th anniversary line because he already won this darn contest and his figure is overdue for 25 years now. Whereas Illumina wasn´t created for the contest nor specifically for the 30th subline, but to be a canon character, at least in MVC comics.
    Then he needs to clearly define what the 30th anniversary line is. Is it all about "new" characters, as he has said in multiple outlets? That would somewhat negate both Illumina and Photog, as neither is a "brand-new" character. Or is this all about fan-created characters, which would then include Spector, Draego-Man, Geoff Johns character...and both Photog AND Illumina. Scott himself said Illumina was a "fan-pitched" character, didn't he?

    The point is that you can't have it both ways. You can't say the line cannot include pre-existing characters and include Photog... and you can't say it only covers "fan" created characters and NOT include Illumina as a possibility.

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    While for me I can take or leave the Illumina character (she is cool looking and I wouldn't mind having her in the line since we are getting obscure characters anyway, but at the same time if she doesn't get made I won't lose sleep over it), I will say that it almost seems like Mattel is going out of their way to make a series of catch-22 excuses that just disqualifies Illumina no matter what.

    I can understand that semantically she wouldn't fit in with the 30th anniversary sub line. That's fine. But none the less, Mattel doesn't have a problem with taking a chance on something like a 30th anniversary sub line made up mostly of original characters that fans have never heard of before (save for Photog), but somehow the idea of including Illumina somewhere, some way, some how in the MOTUC line is something that they just aren't willing to gamble on.

    Heck, what about characters like Vikor or Gygor? I don't really remember there being that huge of a demand from the fan community for either of them prior to them being announced in the line (especially Gygor, and he is an oversized Beast, as is the upcoming Griffin, which didn't seem to have a huge demand either).

    And even a variant like the blonde bikini Teela. That did certainly have a strong demand and following, but I don't know if it was much more than "50 very vocal fans". And even the upcoming Sisterhood-Of-The-Traveling-Pants Convention Sorceress figure is an obscure variant based on a single mini-comic. Sure the latter 2 that I listed are obscure variants of well known characters, but the fundamental point remains the same.

    There has been a lot of chances taken with a lot of obscure items in this line, but somehow Illumina is stuck in this weird catch-22 limbo where she's either too obscure or (in the case of the 30th anniversary figures that are original and completely previously unknown to the fandom) not obscure enough to get produced somewhere in the mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sallah View Post
    Then he needs to clearly define what the 30th anniversary line is. Is it all about "new" characters, as he has said in multiple outlets? That would somewhat negate both Illumina and Photog, as neither is a "brand-new" character. Or is this all about fan-created characters, which would then include Spector, Draego-Man, Geoff Johns character...and both Photog AND Illumina. Scott himself said Illumina was a "fan-pitched" character, didn't he?
    Quite easy. The 30th anniversary line is all about new characters. No need to include the ""´s. Fearless Photog is a new character. He never had a bio, never had an appearance in comic, cartoon or whatever media. He´s a brand new 25 years old character.
    Illumina is not so new anymore, as she was intended to be included in the licensed comic, fully fleshed out Bio and all. So she´s a regular character, no matter if fans created her or not.
    Positivity, folks!
    Let´s all agree to love MOTU enough to let others love MOTU, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    I guess this kills some of the hope for toy-based Star Sisters. This answer is really kind of frustrating, because there's no way that Starla and Tallstar would be "dolls" by giving them their toy outfits in sculpted plastic.

    So I guess no updated Fantastic Fashions either?


    The reason that I'm upset, is because they keep making disparaging remarks about the classic POP toys and giving fans of those versions the runaround. The toy designs were obviously good enough to update in MOTUC before Mattel learned they could make style-guide versions all along, and obtained the rights to Filmation looks, yet now many of their answers amount to: "Icky dolls!" in reference to the vintage toys.

    Total slap in the face to hardcore vintage toy fans who have been supporting this line.

    Moreover, in Scott's own words, "too girly" wasn't supposed to be a problem in this line anyway. I also specifically asked if secondary POP characters in their toy line designs were a real possibility in this line and they said yes! They also said, while they wouldn't be doing Fantastic Fashions as standalone SKUS, they certainly could do use them on a POP character as a new update. So what gives? I'm tired of Mattel hiding behind this notion of: "Toy line POP doesn't fit in with MOTUC" when Flipshot/Icarius looks nothing like most of the MOTU figures. (He looks awesome, but let's be real)

    And while I realize that their response says "in general", the fact that they keep badmouthing toy line POP just makes it seem like they're giving false hope.
    This isn't my attempt to silence vintage POP fans or to get the characters out of MOTUC(after the original MOTU toyline, POP is my favorite group of characters), but has anyone asked Mattel about making a separate POP line closer in style to either the vintage toys or Monster High? At this point I don't see Mattel basing any upcoming POP toys for MOTUC on the vintage line(unless it was identical to what Filmation showed). I can understand being upset by this, but between what they think will sell(I don't know if it's accurate, but they seem to feel Filmation designs lead to more crossover appeal than vintage designs) & what ToyGur/4H seem to prefer, I think the precedent has been set.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    I'll take that bet. POP didn't have a regular monthly release announced yet in 2012. The last thing TG wants to do is exhaust vintage MOTU characters. The more POP and NA characters, the longer the line lasts.

    I'm sure we'll see someone else POP in 2012.
    I agree. Also, ToyGuru has mentioned in the past that he not only stole POP toys from his sister, he's a big fan of 2002(he just recently said that he likes the 2002 Evil Seed more than the Filmation one). I feel this notion that it's Toy Guru who is calling for less POP or 2002 to be utterly baseless.
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    I'm just viewing the 30th Anniversary as newly created for this specific line. The only one pushing that is Photog since he's not "newly" created, but his genesis was in the same spirit as these for the first CaC.

    Of course I agree with how it irks that Illumina couldn't be made for the excuse that she was fan made. Then they turn around and acknowledge she's official, and next make fan created characters but not her because she's now official. Yeah, it stinks. It'd be nice if more people acknowledged it did, but truth waits for no one. All we can do is keep asking for her.

    RE PoP figures in 2012, I agree that it seems unlikely they won't have more. They've got some very big vintage MOTU characters for the first four months and the first bonus figure. I'm actually stunned by it. They've got Filmation characters now too, but I think that'll be one, maybe two at the most for 2012.
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    I still have faith that we will see full Classic toy versions of She-Ra and Catra (hopefully with additional rooted heads that cannot been seen in the packout). They only need to sculpt She-Ra's classic toy dress and her classic toy gold sword, frilly cape and her Starburst cape. So thats only four more small sculpts.

    For Classic toy Catra we would only need her unique toy boots and arm gauntlets, as well as her classic toy dress, fur belt & tail and shower Power Catra mask, only five more small sculpts. Everything else for both of these characters is already done. I feel safe thinking all classic toy versions of She-Ra and Catra will be comming over the course of the line, they are big hitters. I am more concerned for the other vintage designs.



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    Just a heads up there are a ton of new questions answered (though half are about Griffin wings!)

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