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    Wassup y'all?

    Now that we know the "He-Ro, Son of He-Man / King Adam" era is available for MOTUC, and that Mattel obviously have a plan to include them in the line (hence the Evil-Lyn/Skeletor's son mention), I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can discuss a few possibilities regarding the wave of figures from that era.
    A few interesting points of speculation would be -

    01) Who are Dare's (He-Ro's) real parents going to turn out to be? Since many speculated that Evil Lyn and Skeletor werehis parents, and TG has stated that this is not to be the case...the most obvious answer would be Adora and SeaHawk...this makes sense from the He-Ro bible, where it states that he is part of the King Adam bloodline. But are there any other possibilities?

    02) Is Dare actually a young He-Ro from Preternia? Based on the amount of time travelling involved it would certainly be a possibility. All we know about He-Ro (from Preternia) is that he was sent there by Trollans(?) and had somekind of connection with a tecno-virus in which he was cured in a lake..but it is never specified exactly where he was sent "from". My guess is the 2 He-Ro's are the same person. (Also anyone who knows the Cable from X-Men story can see some links here). Finally, why did Adam need to become Pre-Eternian disguesed unless it was possible his future adopted son (He-Ro) might recognise him? Anyway, feel free to discuss this possibility

    03)Kay-La = Fisto's daughter? She is Teela's cousin, and with the 200x series having the whole Fisto possible has a daughter sub-plot...this makes sense does it not?

    04) Man-E-Faces takes on a more "Mime" like persona...maybe Battleground Man E Faces possibility?

    05) Slob-Boar, one of Skeletor's new henchmen. Would actually be the right age to be a grown up "Pig Boy" from the motion picture. Perhaps his Bio could make a cheeky reference to that to avoid any possible legal issues?

    06) Ram Man's cool Battleground look? His new Black and Blue armor?

    07) MerMan's slightly evolved look?

    08) Odar - Skeletor's villain...probably could just be Stinkor (real name Odiphus after all, close enough shortening of name) need for 2 skunks is there?

    Sure there are many more things to discuss, but I thought I'd put all the possibilities that I'd been thinking about in a single place to see what other's think

    (Probably best not to post anything if you don't like the concept of the "Son of He-Man era" being introduced into MOUC as the thread might ge bogged best only to join in if you like the idea) (though, I'm sure many don't)
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