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    Skeletor appears much the same as he always has, albiet with a slightly new, cooler, outfit with spikey shoulder pads:-

    Promotional artwork also shows him with a whiter skull face, similar in tone to his 87 Movie version. He has a new magic staff, with a black crystal on top. He is even more bitter than ever since his 10 year exile in the ice caverns, and reclaims his headquarters in Snake Mountain.


    Panthor is still around, and loyal to his master. In this version he is described with completely black fur, which may be due to his aging.


    No mention is made of where Evil-Lyn has been during the 10 years Skeletor was imprisoned in his ice-prison, but she still appears to be the same as ever. Plotting behind Skeletors back, and determined to become the Empress Of Eternia, with or without Skeletor. Young Dare seems to have a hard time figuring out Evil-Lyn, as she lies more convincingly than telling the truth. Evil-Lyn has a new, more revealing, outfit!


    Beast-Man seems to bethe same as always. The only additional point, is that Evil-Lyn occasionaly tries to turn Beast-Man against Skeletor for her own decietful purposes.


    Same as always, although seems to have a more slender look to his face and body.


    Same as always, though seems to have a new Jaw with spikey teeth, and no longer wears a helmet. A few other upgrades to his body too.


    A character is mentioned that is exactly the same as Stinkor. Based on the fact that Stinkor's real name is Odiphus, it doesn't take that big of a leap to suggest Odar is just a shortened version of Odiphus. Therefore, most likely same character!


    Presumambly the ex-SnakeMan warrior, now joined forces with Skeletor. The only promotional image of him, doesn't appear to resemble the vintage Tung-Lashor too much, but when compared side by side with the 200X Tung-Lashor, they could easily be the same character, they even have the same blotches, fangs, and similar shaped hunched over head.


    Skeletor has 5 New Evil Warriors to help in his quest for world domination-


    Appears to be a robot-tank like character, fully armed with deadly weapons, bombs and missiles. He is described as being very accident prone, and occasionally blows him self up by tripping over his own feet.


    Half-Man, Half-Plant and very paranoid. Seems to have a need for sunlight, to photosynthesise his food. Has deadly vines that he uses to capture his foes. Very similar to Evil-Seed, but clearly a different character altogether.


    He is described as a pest, who can control insects and creepy-crawlies the same way Beast-Man controls beasts.


    Appears to have a short temper. Is part man, part pig, and has a set of sharp slashing tusks.


    The only new villain with no promotional image as far as I am aware. He is described as having a mouth full of sharp teeth serrated like a saw blade. Appaently he always eats, and will eat anything, including gems, gold and magic items.


    The Evil Warriors have some new vehicles, that are mechanical beasts with robot brains and simple personalities. They have artificial intelligence, and can talk to their pilots.


    This is Skeletor's personal all-terrain vehicle, shaped like a monster-truck, with giant jaws of steel, and flame throwing eyes. (No image exists)


    A shark-like vehicle that can cruise through the ocean, and also travel on land. Appears to be described as a portable Headquarters of sorts.




    Adam is now king, older and wiser and married to Queen Teela, and they have an adopted son, Prince Dare, who now wields the power sword. Adam occasionally misses the ability to turn into He-Man after passing the torch, but is still able too, once in a while, when Dare gets himself into trouble and can't use the power sword.
    Adam's relationship with his new adopted son, is sometimes fatherly, and sometimes brotherly. He vows to help Dare find out about the mystery surrounding his real parents.


    27 year old Teela is still very much independent, even as Queen, and she rules Eternia as a tough and demanding leader, much like she ruled the Royal Guard in the past. She is fully able to make decsions regarding the ruling of Eternia when King Adam is not available, but she also watches out for her adopted son, Dare, and gives him love and advice when he needs it.

    (No image exists of Queen Teela)


    Older, Grizzled and "semi-retred", Duncan now serves King Adam, as he once served King Randor,now under the title of Chief Tactical Advisor to the King. He is one of the few who is fully aware of Dare's dual identity as He-Ro.
    He misses the "good old days" but realises he's not the tireless adventurer he once was. He still builds many new weapons, with the help of Dare, who he tries to teach the way of royalty and honor.


    Spiritual voice and oracle to He-Ro who radiates the power of good. He-Ro is the vessel in which her energy now flows.


    Exactly the same as he once was. Has found a new friend in Dare, and the two of them occasionally get up to mischief and misadventure. He still has his girlfriend, Dree-Elle, and a possibly new uncle, named Dorko.
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