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My guess is since we saw King He-Man, Dare is a given maybe he will become Preternian He-Ro and since we donīt know his real name maybe his parents(whoever they are going to be) gave him the name Gray when he was born but nobody except them knows, for now.

Queen Teela should get a figure, as should Skeletor, Evil-Lyn.

From the new ones iīm only interested in Kay-La and Bug-Eye as they are shown or how the were explained.

Odar, Tung-Lashor and Ever-Mean are not making much sense right now. Keep the original persons or change those three and their powers completely, i donīt mind if characters changed over the years but characters who seem to be the same person but simply arenīt. I donīt get that concept. i want some clearance.
I really feel that Odar should be Stinkor. I can see Stinkor rejoining Skeletor, he loved being a loyal evil warrior.
Ever Mean can be Evil Seed.
Tung Lashor might have survived the ultimate battleground & has no one to fallow.
Trap-Jaw has to much bad history with Skeletor & would prabably not want to join again.
Evil Lyn well she betrayed him to many times.