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Thread: vintage Demo-Man (a work in progress)

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    vintage Demo-Man (a work in progress)

    Due to a serious lack of time I don't get to sit behind my customizing table very often. Yet I really want to share this custom I'm working on. So it's not finished (and will not be for a couple of weeks/months) so here is a work in progress.

    Back in May I felt my vintage Vikor needed a vintage Demo-Man to battle. I had seen a few people making one out of a Beast-Man and that is a good base. But I felt the face sculpt did not work well. I looked at the original Mark Taylor sketch and figured I could make a Hordak head work. So I started working:

    I felt that looked great and was the way to go forward. Then in June I wondered which way to go color wise. The sketch was in black and white after all. I had used a Stratos body instead of Beast-Man (mainly because I did not have a complete Beast-Man in my fodder box) and figured with the grey of Stratos' body, purple would look nice. See above,
    Never found the time to finish him though. Then came Comic-Con and the MOTUC figure was announced. So, officially grey/purple was now off the table. Green and red it was!

    Then I saw the ever so wonderful Demo-Man Tyke had made (in this thread) and figured that cloth outfit was sooooo much cooler than the Beast-Man armor. So I went with that instead. So here he is. n his own and together with Vikor:

    He still needs a second head though, and his trademark 'bone in beard'. Probably won't be until the day the MOTUC figure is sold that I have this project finished I'm the world's SLOWEST customizer!!
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