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Thread: Why is Man-At-Arms so pricey on the secondary market?

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    Duncan is an essential character in the MOTU mythos; outside of He-Man, I don't think there are many, if any, heroic characters who had more screen time in either the original or 2002 series than he did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mick4metal View Post
    Dark Sorceress is not talking about the whole reliquary piece but the key inside was missing from a lot of Scareglows. You would have to open him to know if it was missing or not.
    Yeah i just found out that key as in there this morning, saw the thread about the Elders and saw the picture of Scarglow and the reliquary with top off and key there. Got my loose one out and sure enough off came the top and the key was in there! Very cool!!!!

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