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Are you thinking of someone else? Stan wasn't an artist.
Thanks for pointing that out. I used "he" when I should have used THEY, as in Marvel. It was Stan's call on how these women were depicted and Stan has said on multiple occasions that he likes the women of his comics voluptuous. I heard Stan say as much in an interview, although I can't remember the exact interview. Here's a quote from a fairly well known Marvel comic aficionado that reaffirms this.

"I had a chance to ask Stan Lee personally why he chose to make every woman just so voluptuous because I think there's a standard that guys can't live up to. You know, to me not every guy needed to be ripped. And then even like The Leader, he would be ripped. And I was like “Why? He’s got the super intelligent mind, why does he need to be ripped?” In the same way that not every woman has to be like unbelievably statuesque and voluptuous. And he just looked at me and said, “Because that's what I like.” --- Mick Foley