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Thread: Spirit of King Grayskull On-Sale Notification Thread (READ FIRST POST'S RULES)

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    Spirit of King Grayskull On-Sale Notification Thread (READ FIRST POST'S RULES)

    Mod note from mikethedrummer


    This is a thread to post in when SPIRIT OF KING GRAYSKULL is on sale ONLY.
    The thread is stickied at the top of the forum for convenience.
    Simply subscribe to this thread (see below) and you'll be notified when it's updated.

    You must ONLY post in this thread when SPIRIT OF KING GRAYSKULL is on sale, and post the URL when he is. There are SEVERE penalties for anyone who posts in this thread when it is not on sale, and if the thread is abused it will be deleted.

    If anyone posts in this thread when SPIRIT OF KING GRAYSKULL is not on sale or to discuss the sale or figure, they will receive an automatic 5-point infraction. No exceptions. We know this is harsh, but it's meant to be in order to prevent abuse of the system. We really hope this will be a big help to everyone, but we want to make sure it's used responsibly.

    All discussions about getting/not getting the figure should take place in the appropriate thread here

    How To Subscribe To Thread:
    To subscribe to the thread, look at the bar on the upper right hand corner of the thread, just under the thread title. Click on "Thread Tools" and select "Subscribe To Thread" - you then have several options for notifications. The most timely is to select instant notifications by e-mail.

    1.) Only post when SPIRIT OF KING GRAYSKULL is available
    2.) Post a link to the URL each time as proof
    3.) Absolutely NO discussion whatsoever, that should happen at the link above
    4.) Anyone breaking the post rules will receive a 5-point infraction

    Thanks everyone! We hope this helps some people out in getting this chase figure!

    Mods please make this a sticky.

    Much like last years Loo-Kee and Kowl 2-pack thread, this is designed for people to subscribe to so that way when this figure goes on sale again it will let other members here know. This thread is not for discussion and should only be used to post when the figure is actively on sale. When posting the sale it would be appreciated if you could post a quick link to jump to the sale page as well. All replies to this thread NOT adhering to this rule will be deleted.
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    Spirit of Grayskull is available now

    Only 1 per order
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    Quick everybody - he is now available!!!

    Maximum limit of 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan768 View Post
    Quick everybody - he is now available!!!

    Maximum limit of 3
    Thanks for posting that!
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    Available again NOW!

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