I guess it goes without saying, but I think I'm right to want Gorgone but not Chef Allen. I mean sure Gorgone is obscure and probably not available, but she's a cool looking and stands apart from others for being a Snake Woman and a female giant. Neither character leaves a massive hole in my collection, but I think she adds more. I don't need to recreate the world of He-Man so badly that I need the cook. That said, I think Chef Allen would make a super gag exclusive like Mo-Larr did (hey, maybe they're enemies, since Allen doesn't look like he skips the sweets much and that gives cavities).

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I'd almost rather have him than another variant. I don't need 5 He-mans
I do if it's the right 5 He-Mans! If we're talking 200X variants like...

  1. Smash Blade
  2. Mega Punch He-Man
  3. Martial Arts He-Man
  4. Snake Hunter He-Man
  5. Samurai He-Man

...then God NO!

But if we're talking..

  1. Ice Armor He-Man
  2. Snake Armor He-Man
  3. Slime Pit He-Man (Oozor)
  4. Anti-He-man
  5. NA He-Man

...then YES I want them!!