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Thread: Catra's Cat-Men

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    Catra's Cat-Men

    These guys deserve their own thread! An army builder of cat-men.

    I made a crude mock-up of what they could look like but they could come with horde armor in reverse black & red, & horde crossbows in new colors too. i would be ok with the same two heads for each cat-minion: a growling head & a scowling head for each.

    Catra's Cat-Man by ThePowerSword, on Flickr

    For those who don't know who they are:

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    For those interested, Catra's Cat-Men (or "Dark Minions" as She-Ra calls them) were created out of regular animals. Catra used her black magic to turn them into "hideous" creatures. She-Ra ends up "curing" them with her Sword of Protection. I REALLY want these evil suckers!

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    I'd buy several two-packs of Cat Men army builders... Especially if they made a vintage toy version of Catra too!
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    Yes!!! I Want this

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    I would LOVE Mattel to make Catra's Cat-Men and have them come with her Cat birds!

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