Unfortunately, I dunno if Mattel can use the name "Crackers the Clown" for him because of this: http://www.crackerstheclown.biz/

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Absolutely! Now that we can get Filmation figures, I want the craziest and most absurd characters! Crackers and Plundor top my list.
Exactly why I would welcome Plundor and Crackers. The more crazy absurd, the better. I'm sick of buying He-Mans and Skeletors for so many years.

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People with Coulrophobia...
I'd rather have Melaktha, Kothos, Filmation Marzo, Josh, Chef Allen and the NA Scientists before crackers... Although Crackers is higher on my list than tug-of-war guy in yellow...
I'd rather have Crackers than Melaktha, Josh, and the NA Scientists...but that's just my personal ranking.

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He is from the worst Filmation episode
I had a blast watching it earlier to get these screenshots. I think knowing my intentions to make this thread really helped me enjoy it quite a bit.

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He is so utterly ridiculous, I'd buy him in a heartbeat!!

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Shame on you, Count.

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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you shouldn't do drugs. This is why He-Man had to do anti-drug PSA's and even a few episodes dedicated to the drug dilemma. Unfortunately, even some of the most ardent MOTU fans and staunchest Filmation supporters didn't listen...
It happens more often than not on a Saturday.

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Give me some Crackers!