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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Force View Post
    True, but that totally wasnīt my point.
    Gygor was 100% new tool. The cat buck has been used twice, with another two being Clawdeen and King Grayskulls Battle Lion still possible down the road. If they wanted to make Gygor a 100% new tool, they HAD to find possibilities to reuse the buck. And they did with the Shadow Beasts.
    Oops, Battle Lion completely slipped my mind and I really want him too! *embarrassed*

    I understand, I was just saying it would be great re-use of the cat buck. Mattel likes re-using things.

    And who knows what else could be made of the Gygor buck? As Toy Guru said in various interviews: As soon as they have the molds, they can use them.
    About more re-use for Gygor...there IS more potential re-use for him, like that crazy thing He-Man fights to save the Green Goddess and another mini-comic monster. Personally...I wouldn't be big on that because they would be $30 figures. If they were $20, I wouldn't care so much.

    And they have the wind raider tool, so they could even make "a stealth Wind Raider" ;-)
    I think more people would want Illumina and her cat than the Stealth Wind Raider. Pure guess, though.

    Oh come on. You arenīt on this forum for just some weeks now. You pretty well know what MOTUC is about, and that the smaller Clawdeen as well as the impressivly larger Battle Lion will share the same buck as Battle-Cat and Panthor.
    I only said possibly, because they might make a new cat buck for Catra's cat form/more adult they might make Clawdeen out of that one. I know Mattel's all about re-use.

    Oh, Magicat is new to me, never heard of her before. Is she of the same race as Panthor, too? Illuminas Cat is an Albino "Panthor". If Magicat wasnīt, Mattel could potentially make this one a proper new figure with bejeweled saddle, rather than just including it with Illuminas Cat, because she would propably need a unique headsculpt.
    To my knowledge, Magicat is only in 2 Princess of Power Golden Books. Not sure if he was in any colouring books or other media. I have a LOT of different POP books and only seen the cat twice. Not much is known about him other than the name and Catra made his paw prints glow-in-the-dark so the path could be followed!

    I would be 100% happy with Illumina's cat coming with the two sets of armour to allow for both. The cats are too obscure to really have separate releases. I seem to be the only one who knows of/remembers Magicat from my childhood and in general.

    I'm going to go pull out my Golden Books and scan them for more info though!

    EDIT: Magicat is a male. "His tracks glowed in the dark." is a sentence from the page in my book I posted!


    He's Catra's steed, male, and she "spelled" his footprints to glow in the dark so her army could follow them to Angella's castle. He's a good means of escape. When Catra's plan was foiled, she jumps on him and retreats in a hurry!

    The other time he's shown is in Light Hope's pool as Adora remembers "the bad things The Horde had done" and the image is Catra atop Magicat. Magicat has a collar in this picture though.
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