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Thread: Hurricane Hordak Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Hurricane Hordak Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Alright guys...sorry for the delays on this one. The figure arrived on the 14th, but I had a LOT of stupid issues trying to get this video done. BUT, it's finally ready!

    I know many folks are already getting this one, so hopefully you still enjoy!

    Thanks for watching!
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    Great review PD! I can't wait to get my figures Tuesday!! He's a great looking figure! Good thing I have no desire to take off HH's armor! lol
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    Awesome review as usual. I just display my figures when i find a pose i like so I'm not worried about the flaking.

    I like him more now then i did yesterday.

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    I love this figures and I love his cannon-arm without accessories, I feel filmation

    thaks pixel.
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    Dammit Dan!!! Stop bending that armor. It's painful to watch
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    Great review.

    I also only plan on posing and then displaying so it should be fine. I do however handle figures and repose them often and I will be avoiding doing so on this guy. When it comes to Hordak's though I prefer the original version over all others (granted Buzzsaw Hordak is not much different than the original).

    Cool figure but not a fan of bad Vac Metal. Thanks for the review as usual Dan! Always fun to watch.

    Quote Originally Posted by PIMPS ADAM View Post
    Dammit Dan!!! Stop bending that armor. It's painful to watch
    Haha I was so sure that armor was just going to break during your review. Have you ever had a figure break on you in mid review before Dan?
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    Dear Pixel Dan,

    This is probably one of the best reviews you've done so far. You checked the articulations, you addressed all the "novelties" Hurricane Hordak has, and your critics are totally justified.

    And I really like Hurricane Hordak. He's been my favorite version of Hordak for a very long time, actually.

    Personally, I'm like you : I like vac metal WHEN IT'S DONE PROPERLY.

    HH is the first one to get it. Other figures who should get vac metal too include Jitsu (hand), Entrapta, Flying Fists He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor.

    Articulations-wise, I'm REALLY surprised Mattel STILL has issues with the ankles... After ALL the recommandations and the letter that was sent to Toyguru, this flaw should NOT be present on figures anymore ! Weren't we supposed to see some improvements with the "Vikor ankles" ? Yes we were, BUT it seems this was too expensive for Mattel's tastes, SO here we are AGAIN with the SAME weak ankles !

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the red, protruding, unuseful and unnecessary dial sticking out of HH's back... but I guess this is a matter of taste.

    Of course, the LACK OF QUALITY ON THE VAC METAL ARMOR is what's really maddening...

    I had concerns that Hurricane Hordak - which, let's note this, was not sent in time for a preview - would come with flaws. I WAS RIGHT TO BE CONCERNED ! For Hurricane Hordak comes with new features (vac metal armor, canon-forearm) and, what an "unfortunate coincidence", one of these features is too fragile to be good (the vac metallized armor) !

    I guess I can now officially pass on any figure that won't get a preview. It is Mattel' job and duty to send you samples in time so you can make a preview. No preview ? No purchase from me !

    I'll still buy this very figure, because I really like Hurricane Hordak. But I feel I'll have to start cherry picking in the future, and be more selective with what I buy.

    I think it's great that Hurricane Hordak's arm attachments are interchangeable with Trap Jaw and Roboto ! Two thumbs up to the 4 Horsemen for this !

    All in all, Hurricane Hordak looks awesome, like many MOTUC figures. But the main problems comes once again from QC. There shall be a price increase on MOTUC figures for people who don't have a subscription. With MOTUC figures being so expensive, it is a MUST that we won't get those flaws anymore, and that QC will be SERIOUSLY IMPROVED.
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    Great video, Dan. Again very well covered details of Hordak. Good to know possible issues with it's golden armor.

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    Just watched it and made me a little more liking the figure. But the part when your bending that armor back and forth. Had me cringing! Cause I kept waiting for it to snap! I am very familiar with that sound you mention cause that is the sound of the fibers in the plastic tearing, weakening the plastic. I would love to see He-Ro reissued with this type of gold armor. But back then I remember Mattel stating they couldn't do it. But cool video!
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    Excellent review, Dan. Question is if we'll continue getting vac metal figures. As you said, we know it can be done right.

    I just love the arm cannon. That's how mine will be displayed. No need for sticks and stones when you have a cannon!
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    OK so I think I have to eat some crow here, watching your review. I do not like the dial. So I can admit when im wrong, dials need to stay off future figures.

    Now on to the vac metal, I think it will be fine for those like me, that just display their figures, but for the people that take off armors, its going to be an issue.

    And I have to agree on the ankles, Why can they not fix that problem?
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    Thanks for the review, as always, PD!

    I thought it was a good review. I'm slightly baffled that they used that design for the armor. As a newly-minted convert to RGD, I'm just on the Eric Treadway interview. Oh, how I'd love to hear his thoughts on this! When I saw the tabs on the bottom, I thought they were up top too but hidden. It never occurred to me there was flex joint there! Even if the vac-metal was perfect it seems like asking for trouble up top.

    That being said, I don't usually take the armor off my figure so I'm not TERRIBLY concerned. I do really like the look of the armor. I just hope they can perfect it for next time... or maybe think about have harder plastic and tabs on top and bottom. Maybe they didn't want to put tabs up top for aesthetic reasons?

    As for the dial, I need to see mine in person (it's still going to be Tuesday before mine comes! Grrr living in Illinois!) but I actually really like it. I have since I first seen it and I still think it looks cool. To me, it's SO easy to imagine it being some spine-like detail, and I feel like the back would be kinda blah without it.

    I totally respect that others (maybe even the majority) don't like it, but I think I'm still firmly in the "like" camp.

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    Damn...usually a Pixel Dan Review Video thread would be near it's third page by now. Are fans not feeling Hurricane Hordak? Variant? Vac-Metal? Dial?

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    Thanks for showing him off- great to finally see him in action. I don't wanna say your video has an alarmist tone, but I think a lot of your points are kinda moot for those of us who are just going to pose the figure every now and again on a shelf rather than actively doing things that are going to purposely flake the vac-metal off. It's good to be warned, but I think he looks great and I'm not going to do anything to flake the figure's paint- I hope they go the same route with Entrapta and don't get scared off doing vac-metal on other future figures
    Just from the online photos and your video, I think this Hordak is far superior to the shoddily-painted first release version. The weak silver paint accents that look like they're Sharpeed on, and the dull red bat symbol... really put me off the first Hordak. I'm glad to see some improvements, like the glossy black accents and the solid red bat, for Hurricane H!

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    Glad I keep my figures in the package The vac metal looks like it has a ways to go yet!
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    He looks great.... I think any plastic piece would show wear after that torture... the fact that it didn't snap in half is enough to prove to me that the armor will work for my purposes. I get him Tuesday... can't wait!!!
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    Thanks for the warning P.D. After watching the review I'll be more careful than usual with Hurricane Hordak. I just love the metallic look.

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    Thanks for the review.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Personally I like the red. I'm NOT concerned about the paint flaking.

    semi weak ankles? come on Mattel. Get this done right.

    I hate loin cloths.

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    thanks for the review! I will keep him moc.
    hh is my favourite hordak. give he-ro the vac metal, too!
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    just got mine today and he has really tight ankles.. which is a nice since my first hordak cant even stand up on his own
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    awsome review, cant wait til he comes in the mail. also i think i want a weapons pack that include this hordak's cowl painted in the original's colors

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    Awesome review Dan!

    When we were discussing the Vac and quality Plastics used in the other thread, I was assuming that the armor had the standard 4 Pegs, and not just the 2 lower ones, Aesthetically the shoulders look better with no pegs, but that may explain the softer plastic used, as the traditional HARD plastic wouldnt allow for the shoulder Flex!

    I hafta admit the Figure 'looks' stunning! and as a 'Poser' not A 'Player' I shouldnt have a single issue with the armor........However a traditional Aussie Summer is on its way, so we will see how the softer more Porus plastic stands up to that!

    Cheers AJ


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    I actually think they should have made the armor not removable.

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    As I said in the other thread. He looks OK. As expected, the dial looks awful and the Vac Metal flaking off is not good news either. On the other hand it made me want to dust off the good old NES and play Legend of Zelda...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    Alright guys...sorry for the delays on this one. The figure arrived on the 14th, but I had a LOT of stupid issues trying to get this video done. BUT, it's finally ready!

    I know many folks are already getting this one, so hopefully you still enjoy!

    Thanks for watching!

    I appreciate your reviews and really appreciate your attention to details. Your reviews are very helpful and spot on. With this one, I sensed some hesitancy. Don't be afriad to tell it like it is. It looks like Mattel made a lot of mistakes with this figure. Which is a shame, too, because he looks fantastic.

    Having said that, seriously man keep up the great work! It's a great service your provide for us MOTUC collectors.


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