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Thread: OUCH - My throat hurts!

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    OUCH - My throat hurts!

    Like the title says, I woke up this morning with a sore throat. It feels almost like I have something sharp lodged in the roof of my mouth, at the far back. I tried to feel it out and found nothing, though.

    Been drinking orange juice, hot water with fresh lemon slices and honey and now mint tea...not much relief. I don't feel especially sick otherwise. The biggest issues are that I keep inadvertently trying to cough out whatever is tickling me when I speak....and I keep overproducing saliva. That's hard to sleep through.

    This is probably TMI...but I feel crummy. This is only day one, it going to stretch out for a whole week? They usually do....


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    I had a throat issue last week. Well, my dad came down with something and passed it on to me after a few days. I haven't been sick in like 10 years and didn't know what to do, lol. I had a weird week, sometimes cold, other times tired, feeling like there was a bubble in my throat, etc. The doctor said I had a minor respiratory infection in lungs. I tried to stay home a lot so as not infect anyone else. I'm fine now.

    You probably have the same. Eat soup and lots of fruit. Do some walking in the sun and try to stay active. Well wishes.
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    Well it sounds like you're doing everything right, and it's probably just a cold. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

    Do you feel swelling under your jawbone? If your glands are inflamed you need to see a doctor. It could be strep. I've had that a few times. It feels like you're tearing your throat with razor blades every time you swallow.

    Have you got any sinus pressure, stuffiness or a runny nose? It could also be a sinus infection. If your sinuses are draining it could lead to a sore throat. I highly recommend the Neti Pot. That thing works miracles! You can soothe the cough with a teaspoon of honey, but it doesn't last forever.

    Get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and try to sleep it off. Feel better soon!
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    From a former USAF Helicopter Search & Rescue Medic, if you wake up tomorrow and it's the same then you need to see your physician or an emergency room as it could be strep. Your doctor will do a swap of your throat and send it out for results, but will probably have a good idea just from looking at your throat. If your doc suspects strep then you'll get a prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotics get a bad wrap, but there there is a time for taking them, and strep infection is that time. Follow the instructions and KEEP TAKING THEM UNTIL YOU HAVE TAKEN ALL OF THEM EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER as strep can rebound if you stop taking the antibiotics. Bottom line: if it hurts in the morning then you need to seek medical attention. The four most dangerous words in medicine are "Maybe it'll go away."

    Stop drinking anything citrus because it will irritate your throat. Instead drink warm -- not hot -- tea with a tablespoon of honey. For topical relief you can get a numbing throat spray at the pharmacy. I don't think I'm allowed to say the name of the numbing throat brand here, but if you ask your pharmacist for a numbing throat spray they will know what you mean. They also make a numbing lozenge. Don't ignore this if it doesn't improve by tomorrow, which I don't think it will.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for reading guys. I appreciate it - this isn't exactly a glamorous thread subject....

    I'm glad to say I don't feel any sinus pressure or swollen glands. That's the weird part of it - I'm so used to sore throat coming with other symptoms. This time its basically a solo act.

    ...although I will say I had a heck of a lousy night's sleep. I had several dozen half-dreams and tossed and turned, almost as though I had a fever, only I don't. It is still sore today, but I'm reluctant to go to an ER or clinic. I've gone in the past to check for strep throat when I was feeling worse than this, and it was never really there. I'm the same as you, Jack, regarding health issues - better to be safe than sorry. I firmly believe in getting a doctor's opinion....but I'm going to hold off until later today before I go try the clinic route.

    Sorry to hear about what you had Phil - sounds unpleasant! Glad you are better.

    Strangely, on Monday, when I was feeling fine, I happened to catch a rerun of Dr. Oz and he was discussing remedies for sore throats. He suggested a cayenne/water rinse, and a hot sauce/water rinse to gargle with. Never tried those. Also, sage and hot water. Anyone have experience with these?

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