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Thread: Classicised 200X 'WMD' Roboto

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    Classicised 200X 'WMD' Roboto

    I guess it's plain curiosity on my part to see if i'm alone on this or not, but i'm just wondering if anyone else here on the .org would be interested in a Classicised 200X 'WMD' Roboto for the line down the track?

    Anyone who has seen the MYP MotU episode "Roboto's Gambit" or seen MGM's 200X Roboto screen-shot(s) will obviously know what i'm talking about regarding a 'full blown' WMD Roboto...

    What do you think?
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    The Chess player turned WMD would beat the Robot from Robotica any day!
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    He would have to look a lot different. Loads of upgrades and I think that would be too much tooling and accessories. But if he was sold as a regular figure, I'd be in.
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    dont need that.

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    Sure, why not? But with the chest frame, please...

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    I'd be all over this as I think the 200X interpretation of Roboto is visually different enough from the vintage Roboto where you can get away with such a variant. You can call him Battleground Roboto and in his bio say that he upgraded himself with two interchangeable hands, shoulder mounted gatling cannon, chest armor, and a new head to be better suited for all out warfare.

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    The best part about how he was conceived in 2002 is that the new chest piece could easily be an overlay on the current MOTUC Roboto body. Give us the same torso, but in opaque silver/gray, then it's just about tooling a new "vest" piece and head. I think the guns could easily be done with limited new tooling - the right arm/gun would be a new plug-in, and the left arm could be held like MAA's 2002 blaster. Throw a nice big gatling weapon on his shoulder and I'd call him a day.

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