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    My Dinosaur Sculptures

    I'm starting up a Shapeways shop for my dinosaur sculptures and I thought folks here might be interested. I've loved dinosaurs since before I can remember and like to work on dino related projects whenever I can find the time. I've worked hard to maintain anatomical accuracy and I utilize the latest scientific evidence when sculpting these.

    For those that don't know, Shapeways is a website that does 3 dimensional "printouts." The models are generally made out of UV cured plastics, but there are also different material options. For most models I would consider the "white, strong, and flexible" material adequate. However the "frosted detail" and "frosted ultra detail" materials offer incredible detail at the cost of durability (they are quite fragile).

    If you are interested you can access my dinosaur shop at the link below:

    Shapeways doesn't have the greatest pictures of the models so here are some screenshots of the sculpts I've done so far...

    Deinonychus antirhoppus

    Protoceratops andrewsii

    Psittacosaurus mongoliensis

    "Chirostenotes" an undescribed species of large Oviraptorosaur

    Velociraptor mongoliensis

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post here or send me a pm.


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