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What's dumb about Spector in MOTU? he doesn't DO anything. A neck-extending guy in a line that essentially introduced action features, same with a Snout SPout and Dragstor. they all fit in MOTU because they were something, Spector is just a dude in a leotard. there isn't any imagination to the character, Even He-Man as a barbarian design, he focused on the twist waist punch feature and though his design is just a barbarian, it's a cool look and concept. Spector feel like a creation of someone who wasn't that good at drawing or coming up with details. Again personally I'm not a fan of these full body suit characters, I don't mind a mask that covers an entire face but give me detailing to make it look interesting.
His feature is he's the Master of Time Travel. And if Spector came in the line originally he'd have the waist punch, just like half the figures. You don't like him that's fine. But people complaining because he doesn't fit into the line? Seriously there are barbarians, monsters, robots, humans, aliens, magic users, etc. So a guy in a full body suit doesn't?

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Which would be all fine and good if this was a Marvel comic book line, which it is not, it is not Star Wars, GI Joe, Fantastic 4 or X-Men, it is Master of the Universe. And most people are saying, whether you like the figure or not, it looks out of place in this line, the closest thing in MOTU history that he even remotely looks like is those comet guys from like the second or third Filmation episode. I don't knock the figure, it's OK to me, not one that screams "BUY ME NOW!" and I won't, because I,me, myself....I don't like, and I am entitled just as anyone else who doesn't like it is entitled not to. Just because someone turns blue in the face defending something won't make someone who really doesn't like that something to change their mind.

And to your....
#1)...those characters have been part of the lines since the 80's we all know them, like them or not, they are there, they are not new figure / character that not only looks out of place, but actually looks and feels to belong in another line entirely, that already exists, and has existed for many years...your answer is opinion, not mine, not anyone else, just because someone likes something someone else doesn't, why does there have to be a death match over the crap?, it's stupid, like it, you like it, you don't, you don't.... get over it, people need to quit knocking others for their opinions, it's childish.

Granted a lot of people need to tone down their emotions behind their opinions in the first place, they are your opinions, not necessarily someone else's, a lot of us are in our 30's right?, come on take some Ritalin, lay off the 5 Hour Energy, and chill.

#2) Not everyone wants a sub..30th or not, people need to get over that too, buying a sub doesn't make anyone better than someone who doesn't, it doesn't give anyone the right to poke at or down someone who don't buy one. People are entitled to spend their money however they like, not the way someone else thinks they should....unless you're married to that other someone.....that is.

#3) OK one figure every once in a while will not kill the line, if more and more figures produced are unliked over and over again, then that is another story entirely.

No one can have an opinion around here that contradicts someone else's, that is pretty sad, they are only toys, and we are mostly all adults here, I mean come on.
Don't have a problem with people having a different opinions or even disliking any characters, it's all personal opinion. But people attacking the Brand manager because he put his character design in the "extra" 30th anniversary collection has been over the top. And this figure is taking extra heat just because it was based on his design, mad because character X hasn't gotten a figure yet. And those points of mine I was just answering another posters.