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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosed Ovor View Post
    It could be. An even better question is who decides to produce a figure they designed about 30 years ago at the age of ten? It makes no sense to produce such a figure. Why not draw upon your current knowledge, skills, and experience to design the best figure possible now?
    ^Exactly. But who knows, his creative skills may be on the near the same level and we still get the same thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by EldestSon View Post
    1. deadpool wasn't a rip off of spiderman. he was a rip off of deathstroke.

    2. just because deadpool was a rip off doesn't make a rip off of deadpool ok.

    3. rip off or not, this figure is weak.
    Just bumping this quote for it's merit.
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