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Thread: Illumina: Join the Facebook Campaign!

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    Remember, it only takes 500 people to make 100 Facebook accounts to get to 5000

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    I'm pretty sure Scott would notice and be suspicious if tons of Facebook profiles that liked it had no friends or activity outside of it.

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    Joined and posted a link to the facebook page in the comments of the latest AICN toy post.

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    Off to bed. 128 fans and 2.56% of the way towards our goal!
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    I would love to get Illumina in the MOTUC's line!!! She has such a cool design and even though Mattel can claim she is obscure, I know that she would be a big hit with the vast majority of MOTUC's collectors based on this cool design. MOTUC's needs a female Gar character!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by gbagok View Post
    I'm not on Face Book either, or I'd "Like" the page too. Is there another way to gather names, or did Scott say this was one of the few methods they would acknowledge as proof of demand? FB is not for everyone.
    agreed. I refuse to join FB. Even for such a good cause. It is not for me but I will gladly show my support here on the org!!! You can count me down for 3 Illumina's as I buy 3 of every MOTUC's item
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    Someone should create an Illumina support thread on the .org SOLELY for .orgers that do not use Facebook. The same thread should be on Matty, TheFwoosh, ActionFigureInsider, PoeGhostal, PoPCultureNetwork, etc.

    That would help things.
    Take part in Illumina Day! Let people know who she is and help get her in MOTUC.

    You can join the Illumina Facebook page here!

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    So finally did it, joined Illumina on Facebook.

    I have an account but i rarely use it but i went online today. Just for her!!!!

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    thanks! we are now at 327!!!

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

    For the Love of Illumina & her Cat Sleetah!!
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