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Thread: ToyGuru Walkthrough Video from PowerCon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonWes View Post
    Yay! Glad he's coming with both weapons. I THINK I'll pose him with the whip, especially if it can be bendy! I like the thought that went into it - like the little details of what his action figure would have been. Just going to throw this out there... it might really cool if all the green bits (the knife, the whip, the ammo, etc.) glowed in the dark.

    The thing I loved most about this weekend was getting to experience the passion of the fans. But I don't think that passion for something is inherently good. To me, passion should always be tempered with reason otherwise it's easy to let it lead you down some regretful paths if you're not careful. I'm not sure some of the conclusions being jumped to here were entirely reasonable. Understandable? Yes, I think so. Reasonable? Personally, I don't think so.

    At this point, I must refer to one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes:
    " I love humans. They always see patterns in things that aren't there."

    It's a 100% newly tooled piece (and would have been anyway) that really is more like an articulation point than an action feature. It doesn't involve any internal mechanisms or springs or complex engineering. It's basically just a tube sliding through a slot (and AWESOME.)

    Tallstar is getting the exact same treatment that Extendar probably will. And about Jewelstar - do people really want her to fold up? In the proposed toy, she did not in any way look like a jewel to me. She looked exactly like a figure half-way to a fetal position.

    If it is possible to make them glowing in the dark, please make it green glowing and not white as on BGELs power ball.

    GITD is very cool, but when in normal daylight a green colour would be very cool, like it is shown on the drawing. If only white is possible I'd rather have it green and not glowing than white and glowing!

    If not glowing a bit translucent would be nice.

    Anyway, I love the Mighty Spector already!

    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    If anyone ever wants a thread showing people jumping to conclusions, point them here!

    Let me see if I can hit everything. I didn't read EVERY post:

    Terry left Fisto and Zoar on his desk in the rush to the con. He went back to work early Sunday to get them.

    I love the Star Sisters! Can't wait for em. Unproduced prototypes, check. POP, check. New female sculpt with waist articulation, check. All this times 3? What is not to love. Seriously. No idea why everyone is concerned about the Star Sisters. They are awesome.

    BUT: the figures on display were far from final. This was the first paint sample back from HK. The one we make a ton of comment on. Not to worry. Most figures look like this on first pass, it is why we spend so much time reviewing (if you were in our panel, we reviewed this step with a visual of the comments on Whiplash).

    I'm not sure about the wings. The Horsemen did that deco. I'd say give them a yelp on their boards for the full 411 (I prob won't get a chance to talk to them until NYCC).

    And as for Spector, yes he will have his knife and his laser whip as shown in Terry's B-sheet. Much like Thunder Punch HM did not have some parts at SDCC, Spector is right off the Horsemen's table hand carried to the show, some parts not yet complete. I saw him for the first time on Friday when CB handed him to me at Mattel saying "here you might want this".

    I think one of the reasons he looks a little plain is he is missing these giant projected laser weapons. The whip I am hoping will be especially cool. Terry is looking into it being bendy to hold a pose so you can wrap it around captured bad guys and such. The knife is also thought of as what would have been the vintage action feature; a knife that went in and out of the wrist with a dial of sorts).

    Okay, hope that clears up some mystery!

    Great con everyone. Thanks for filming PD. Always great to give a video tour with you!

    Dear TG, just would like to point out again, from what I have seen from the great videos of PD that you, the MOTU team and the FH put a lot of thought into the line and that I am really looking forward to all 2012 and also very much to The Mighty Spector. It's great to have new MOTU stuff coming besides the classic legendary characters.

    Thank you for listening to us fans and take some of the "agressive" comments with a grain of salt. You really came off great in the walkthrough video again like at SDCC.

    Please continue the great work and please try not to take some comments too personally. We are all very passionate about this line and of course with the many we are, everybody has her/his own opinion of what is the best for each character.

    Good not all of us work on it, otherwise we would still discuss Deco-changes on He-Man and Beast Man from 2008 without having a new figure coming.

    In general I am very pleased with the job you have done so far!

    I hope something like He-Man's, Roboto's and King Hssss' shoulder thingy does not repeat itself in the future.
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