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Thread: Wun-Dar vs. TRU Battle-Armor Faker - Round 4 - Elimination

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    Wun-Dar vs. TRU Battle-Armor Faker - Round 4 - Elimination

    The Tournament Continues . . . and eliminations are imminent.

    As now custom, voting will be open for about a week. THREE losses and a figure is out of the tournament. 8 figures are out of the tournament (see stats below).



    TRU Battle-Armor Faker


    Round 1 Results:

    He-Man def. SDCC King Grayskull, 56-13
    Skeletor def. Beast Man, 51-18
    Faker def. Stratos, 49-22
    Mer-Man def. Zodac, 60-14
    Man-at-Arms def. Hordak, 46-26
    Tri-Klops def. He-Ro, 50-23
    Teela def. Webstor, 43-32
    Scareglow def. Zodak, 54-7
    King Randor def. The Goddess, 54-27
    Adora def. Battle-Armor He-Man, 39-35
    Trap-Jaw def. Moss Man, 57-18
    Evil-Lyn def. Wun-Dar, 52-23
    Optikk def. Tytus, 48-21
    TRU Skeletor def. TRU He-Man, 37-25
    She-Ra vs. Keldor, DRAW 41-41
    Orko def. Count Marzo, 40-37
    Whiplash def. Prince Adam, 56-15
    Gygor def. Chief Carnivus, 39-30
    Battle Cat def. Roboto, 55-13
    Grizzlor def. King Grayskull (reissue), 44-28
    Vikor def. Buzz-Off, 35-33
    Eternian Palace Guards def. Shadowbeast, 41-22
    Bow def. King Hsss, 45-26
    TRU Mer-Man def. TRU Stratos, 52-16
    Sy-Klone def. Battle-Armor Skeletor, 36-29
    Panthor def. Catra, 41-31
    Faceless One def. Battleground Teela, 39-36
    TRU Zodac def. TRU Battle-Armor Faker, 35-20
    Clawful def. Captain Glenn, 32-16
    Queen Marlena def. Mo-Lar, 52-7
    Man-E-Faces def. Preternia-Disguised He-Man, 57-7
    Megator def. Kronis, 38-30

    Round 2 Results:

    Panthor def. Orko, 39-26
    Battle-Armor He-Man def. Battleground Teela, 34-33
    Optikk def. King Randor, 34-26
    Chief Carnivus def. King Grayskull (reissue), 34-32
    Eternian Palace Guard def. Buzz-Off, 39-27
    Battle Cat def. Whiplash, 47-14
    Man-at-Arms def. Gygor, 46-9
    TRU Mer-Man def. Captain Glenn, 39-32
    Leech def. Hurricane Hordak, 47-12
    Count Marzo def. Battle-Armor Skeletor, 37-26
    Faker def. Zodac, 35-24
    Moss Man def. Roboto, 48-20
    Catra def. She-Ra (1.0), 48-22
    TRU Skeletor def. TRU Battle-Armor Faker, 41-21
    Tytus def. TRU He-Man, 34-28
    Prince Adam def. The Goddess, 37-31
    Skeletor def. Man-E-Faces, 43-20
    Wun-Dar def. Mo-Lar, 61-7
    Beast Man def. Kronis, 60-9
    Scareglow def. Bow, 39-37
    Adora def. Evil Lyn, 36-35
    Zodak def. Preternia-Disguised He-Man, 39-28
    Vikor def. Clawful, 36-34
    Trap-Jaw def. He-Man, 48-27
    Hordak def. He-Ro, 45-21
    Webstor def. Grizzlor, 43-21
    Tri-Klops def. Sy-Klone, 58-16
    King Hsss def. SDCC King Grayskull, 43-22
    Teela def. Megator, 46-16
    Keldor def. Faceless One, 36-30
    Mer-Man def. Queen Marlena, 55-14
    Shadowbeast def. TRU Zodac, 41-22
    Stratos def. TRU Stratos, 38-25

    Round 3 Results:

    Count Marzo def. Shadowbeast, 38-16
    King Hsss def. He-Ro, 28-27
    Battle-Armor He-Man vs. Battle-Armor Skeletor, DRAW 28-28
    Teela def. Hordak, 33-28
    Preternia He-Man def. Kronis, 31-26
    He-Man def. She-Ra (1.0), 52-14
    Adora def. Clawful, 33-27
    Beast Man def. Webstor, 25-19
    SDCC King Grayskull def. King Grayskull (reissue), 31-25
    Tri-Klops def. Panthor, 38-22
    Sy-Klone def. King Randor, 31-25
    Moss Man def. Queen Marlena, 42-18
    Optikk def. Battleground Teela, 35-27
    Man-at-Arms def. Scareglow, 38-23
    Faceless One def. TRU Mer-Man, 40-20
    Buzz-Off def. Prince Adam, 45-14
    Evil-Lyn def. Eternian Palace Guards, 34-23
    Man-E-Faces def. Bow, 38-26
    Roboto def. TRU Skeletor, 37-17
    Whiplash def. Vikor, 37-27
    Trap-Jaw def. Skeletor, 31-29
    Mer-Man def. Orko, 46-18
    Battle Cat def. Leech, 46-10
    TRU Battle-Armor Faker def. Mo-Lar, 35-19
    Hurricane Hordak def. TRU Stratos, 41-16
    Zodac def. Chief Carnivus, 33-30
    Megator def. Tytus, 43-14
    Zodak def. Captain Glenn, 31-28
    The Goddess def. TRU Zodac, 32-23
    Stratos def. Wun-Dar, 36-26
    Catra def. Keldor, 36-21
    Grizzlor def. TRU He-Man, 45-10
    Faker def. Gygor, 29-20

    Overall Tournament Records (Wins-Losses-Draws)

    Battleground Teela (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    Captain Glenn (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    TRU He-Man (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    He-Ro (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    King Grayskull Reissue (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    Kronis (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    Mo-Lar (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    TRU Stratos (0-3-0)—ELIMINATED
    Battle-Armor Skeletor (0-2-1)
    She-Ra (0-2-1)
    Bow (1-2-0)
    Buzz-Off (1-2-0)
    Chief Carnivus (1-2-0)
    Clawful (1-2-0)
    TRU Battle-Armor Faker (1-2-0)
    Goddess (1-2-0)
    Gygor (1-2-0)
    Hordak (1-2-0)
    King Grayskull SDCC (1-2-0)
    King Randor (1-2-0)
    Orko (1-2-0)
    Preternia-Disguised He-Man (1-2-0)
    Prince Adam (1-2-0)
    Queen Marlena (1-2-0)
    Roboto (1-2-0)
    Shadowbeast (1-2-0)
    Zodac (1-2-0)
    TRU Zodac (1-2-0)
    Tytus (1-2-0)
    Webstor (1-2-0)
    Wun-Dar (1-2-0)
    Battle-Armor He-Man (1-1-1)
    Keldor (1-1-1)
    Hurricane Hordak (1-1-0)
    Leech (1-1-0)
    Beast Man (2-1-0)
    Catra (2-1-0)
    Count Marzo (2-1-0)
    Evil-Lyn (2-1-0)
    Eternian Palace Guards (2-1-0)
    Faceless One (2-1-0)
    Grizzlor (2-1-0)
    He-Man (2-1-0)
    King Hsss (2-1-0)
    Man-E-Faces (2-1-0)
    Megator (2-1-0)
    Moss Man (2-1-0)
    TRU Mer-Man (2-1-0)
    Panthor (2-1-0)
    Scareglow (2-1-0)
    Skeletor (2-1-0)
    TRU Skeletor (2-1-0)
    Stratos (2-1-0)
    Sy-Klone (2-1-0)
    Vikor (2-1-0)
    Whiplash (2-1-0)
    Zodak (2-1-0)
    Adora (3-0-0)
    Battle Cat (3-0-0)
    Faker (3-0-0)
    Man-at-Arms (3-0-0)
    Mer-Man (3-0-0)
    Optikk (3-0-0)
    Teela (3-0-0)
    Trap-Jaw (3-0-0)
    Tri-Klops (3-0-0)
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Night Stalker 3) Roton 4) Karg 5) Lodar 6) Mask of Power Demons 7) Talon Fighter 8) Road Ripper 9) Lord Masque 10) Snake Mountain 11) Vintage Fright Zone 12) Dragon Walker

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    Oh I'm not leavin' my man Wun-Dar hangin'. Vote goes to the bread man.
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    Wun-Dar over the cheap thrown together BA Faker.

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    Wun-Dar (though with my dyslexia I keep calling him War-Dun) cuz his head can be used for a young King Randor.

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    Wun Dar may not be as exciting looking, but back when he first came out, having a "Legit" Savage Wonder Bread He-Man was awesome. And his bio is still obviously barbarian he-man for me. And until we get an Oo-larr in figure form, I'm sticking with that.

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    Not to sound like a creepy cheerleader for Uki, but it's nice to know there is at least one person on this forum who is extremely positive & friendly all the time. I don't think I could be that nice even if you paid me. If we ever give out awards for "forum member of the month", Uki gets my vote. -Mr. Shokoti

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    the urban legend that is Wun-Dar is my choice.

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    I need an option for neither because I hate both figures, like I always say, I detest repaints. But I chose BA Faker.
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    Battle Armor Faker is kinda sweet.. and i'm not just sayin' that cuz i started his thread a year or so back.

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    Wun-Dar...his yeast rises up faster.
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    ba faker is certainly not wun-darful.

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    Wun-Dar. Still my favourite He-Man variant/repaint

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    Wun-Dar. You know, 'the savage He-Man?'
    Faker would not know what hit 'im. They just don't make Eternians like that anymore...

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