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Thread: Wun-Dar vs. TRU Battle-Armor Faker - Round 4 - Elimination

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    Wun-Dar vs. TRU Battle-Armor Faker - Round 4 - Elimination

    The Tournament Continues . . . and eliminations are imminent.

    As now custom, voting will be open for about a week. THREE losses and a figure is out of the tournament. 8 figures are out of the tournament (see stats below).



    TRU Battle-Armor Faker


    Round 1 Results:

    He-Man def. SDCC King Grayskull, 56-13
    Skeletor def. Beast Man, 51-18
    Faker def. Stratos, 49-22
    Mer-Man def. Zodac, 60-14
    Man-at-Arms def. Hordak, 46-26
    Tri-Klops def. He-Ro, 50-23
    Teela def. Webstor, 43-32
    Scareglow def. Zodak, 54-7
    King Randor def. The Goddess, 54-27
    Adora def. Battle-Armor He-Man, 39-35
    Trap-Jaw def. Moss Man, 57-18
    Evil-Lyn def. Wun-Dar, 52-23
    Optikk def. Tytus, 48-21
    TRU Skeletor def. TRU He-Man, 37-25
    She-Ra vs. Keldor, DRAW 41-41
    Orko def. Count Marzo, 40-37
    Whiplash def. Prince Adam, 56-15
    Gygor def. Chief Carnivus, 39-30
    Battle Cat def. Roboto, 55-13
    Grizzlor def. King Grayskull (reissue), 44-28
    Vikor def. Buzz-Off, 35-33
    Eternian Palace Guards def. Shadowbeast, 41-22
    Bow def. King Hsss, 45-26
    TRU Mer-Man def. TRU Stratos, 52-16
    Sy-Klone def. Battle-Armor Skeletor, 36-29
    Panthor def. Catra, 41-31
    Faceless One def. Battleground Teela, 39-36
    TRU Zodac def. TRU Battle-Armor Faker, 35-20
    Clawful def. Captain Glenn, 32-16
    Queen Marlena def. Mo-Lar, 52-7
    Man-E-Faces def. Preternia-Disguised He-Man, 57-7
    Megator def. Kronis, 38-30

    Round 2 Results:

    Panthor def. Orko, 39-26
    Battle-Armor He-Man def. Battleground Teela, 34-33
    Optikk def. King Randor, 34-26
    Chief Carnivus def. King Grayskull (reissue), 34-32
    Eternian Palace Guard def. Buzz-Off, 39-27
    Battle Cat def. Whiplash, 47-14
    Man-at-Arms def. Gygor, 46-9
    TRU Mer-Man def. Captain Glenn, 39-32
    Leech def. Hurricane Hordak, 47-12
    Count Marzo def. Battle-Armor Skeletor, 37-26
    Faker def. Zodac, 35-24
    Moss Man def. Roboto, 48-20
    Catra def. She-Ra (1.0), 48-22
    TRU Skeletor def. TRU Battle-Armor Faker, 41-21
    Tytus def. TRU He-Man, 34-28
    Prince Adam def. The Goddess, 37-31
    Skeletor def. Man-E-Faces, 43-20
    Wun-Dar def. Mo-Lar, 61-7
    Beast Man def. Kronis, 60-9
    Scareglow def. Bow, 39-37
    Adora def. Evil Lyn, 36-35
    Zodak def. Preternia-Disguised He-Man, 39-28
    Vikor def. Clawful, 36-34
    Trap-Jaw def. He-Man, 48-27
    Hordak def. He-Ro, 45-21
    Webstor def. Grizzlor, 43-21
    Tri-Klops def. Sy-Klone, 58-16
    King Hsss def. SDCC King Grayskull, 43-22
    Teela def. Megator, 46-16
    Keldor def. Faceless One, 36-30
    Mer-Man def. Queen Marlena, 55-14
    Shadowbeast def. TRU Zodac, 41-22
    Stratos def. TRU Stratos, 38-25

    Round 3 Results:

    Count Marzo def. Shadowbeast, 38-16
    King Hsss def. He-Ro, 28-27
    Battle-Armor He-Man vs. Battle-Armor Skeletor, DRAW 28-28
    Teela def. Hordak, 33-28
    Preternia He-Man def. Kronis, 31-26
    He-Man def. She-Ra (1.0), 52-14
    Adora def. Clawful, 33-27
    Beast Man def. Webstor, 25-19
    SDCC King Grayskull def. King Grayskull (reissue), 31-25
    Tri-Klops def. Panthor, 38-22
    Sy-Klone def. King Randor, 31-25
    Moss Man def. Queen Marlena, 42-18
    Optikk def. Battleground Teela, 35-27
    Man-at-Arms def. Scareglow, 38-23
    Faceless One def. TRU Mer-Man, 40-20
    Buzz-Off def. Prince Adam, 45-14
    Evil-Lyn def. Eternian Palace Guards, 34-23
    Man-E-Faces def. Bow, 38-26
    Roboto def. TRU Skeletor, 37-17
    Whiplash def. Vikor, 37-27
    Trap-Jaw def. Skeletor, 31-29
    Mer-Man def. Orko, 46-18
    Battle Cat def. Leech, 46-10
    TRU Battle-Armor Faker def. Mo-Lar, 35-19
    Hurricane Hordak def. TRU Stratos, 41-16
    Zodac def. Chief Carnivus, 33-30
    Megator def. Tytus, 43-14
    Zodak def. Captain Glenn, 31-28
    The Goddess def. TRU Zodac, 32-23
    Stratos def. Wun-Dar, 36-26
    Catra def. Keldor, 36-21
    Grizzlor def. TRU He-Man, 45-10
    Faker def. Gygor, 29-20

    Overall Tournament Records (Wins-Losses-Draws)

    Battleground Teela (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    Captain Glenn (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    TRU He-Man (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    He-Ro (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    King Grayskull Reissue (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    Kronis (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    Mo-Lar (0-3-0)--ELIMINATED
    TRU Stratos (0-3-0)—ELIMINATED
    Battle-Armor Skeletor (0-2-1)
    She-Ra (0-2-1)
    Bow (1-2-0)
    Buzz-Off (1-2-0)
    Chief Carnivus (1-2-0)
    Clawful (1-2-0)
    TRU Battle-Armor Faker (1-2-0)
    Goddess (1-2-0)
    Gygor (1-2-0)
    Hordak (1-2-0)
    King Grayskull SDCC (1-2-0)
    King Randor (1-2-0)
    Orko (1-2-0)
    Preternia-Disguised He-Man (1-2-0)
    Prince Adam (1-2-0)
    Queen Marlena (1-2-0)
    Roboto (1-2-0)
    Shadowbeast (1-2-0)
    Zodac (1-2-0)
    TRU Zodac (1-2-0)
    Tytus (1-2-0)
    Webstor (1-2-0)
    Wun-Dar (1-2-0)
    Battle-Armor He-Man (1-1-1)
    Keldor (1-1-1)
    Hurricane Hordak (1-1-0)
    Leech (1-1-0)
    Beast Man (2-1-0)
    Catra (2-1-0)
    Count Marzo (2-1-0)
    Evil-Lyn (2-1-0)
    Eternian Palace Guards (2-1-0)
    Faceless One (2-1-0)
    Grizzlor (2-1-0)
    He-Man (2-1-0)
    King Hsss (2-1-0)
    Man-E-Faces (2-1-0)
    Megator (2-1-0)
    Moss Man (2-1-0)
    TRU Mer-Man (2-1-0)
    Panthor (2-1-0)
    Scareglow (2-1-0)
    Skeletor (2-1-0)
    TRU Skeletor (2-1-0)
    Stratos (2-1-0)
    Sy-Klone (2-1-0)
    Vikor (2-1-0)
    Whiplash (2-1-0)
    Zodak (2-1-0)
    Adora (3-0-0)
    Battle Cat (3-0-0)
    Faker (3-0-0)
    Man-at-Arms (3-0-0)
    Mer-Man (3-0-0)
    Optikk (3-0-0)
    Teela (3-0-0)
    Trap-Jaw (3-0-0)
    Tri-Klops (3-0-0)
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Road Ripper 3) Dragon Walker 4) Land Shark

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    Oh I'm not leavin' my man Wun-Dar hangin'. Vote goes to the bread man.
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    Wun-Dar over the cheap thrown together BA Faker.

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    Wun-Dar (though with my dyslexia I keep calling him War-Dun) cuz his head can be used for a young King Randor.

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    Wun Dar may not be as exciting looking, but back when he first came out, having a "Legit" Savage Wonder Bread He-Man was awesome. And his bio is still obviously barbarian he-man for me. And until we get an Oo-larr in figure form, I'm sticking with that.

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    the urban legend that is Wun-Dar is my choice.

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    I need an option for neither because I hate both figures, like I always say, I detest repaints. But I chose BA Faker.
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    Battle Armor Faker is kinda sweet.. and i'm not just sayin' that cuz i started his thread a year or so back.

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    Wun-Dar...his yeast rises up faster.
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    ba faker is certainly not wun-darful.

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    Wun-Dar. Still my favourite He-Man variant/repaint

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    Wun-Dar. You know, 'the savage He-Man?'
    Faker would not know what hit 'im. They just don't make Eternians like that anymore...

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