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Thread: Do you Support Illumina in MOTUC?

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    I considered "support" as "think she should be in the line".

    For the apathetic among us, the "don't care" option of the poll is the little red 'X' in the upper right-hand corner of your page tab.
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    I voted yes since I think everybody should get the figure he wants at some point. Personally I do not care a lot about the character and doubt that I would buy her. Not that she is bad or anything like that. It is just that I am not crazy about buying her either.
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    Yes. I want Illumina at some point down the line, and her cat too !

    She looks coo, and deserves a figure. I also think she would close a wound and stop the bad blood between Val, Emiliano and Mattel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AximusPrime View Post
    The characters you listed appeared in media that Mattel commissioned (the MYP cartoon), thus making them fair game to release as figures as Mattel owns the rights to do so, even though of all the characters you listed only one has been made into a figure. Illumina, on the other hand did not appear in either the show or the MVC comics.
    Illumina and her story is in the MVC Bible, which Mattel okayed. Mattel commissioned the MVC comics, so it's the same as the cartoon...just in print. She also appeared in the MVC comics in the ad pictured below. If this was the cartoon, this is the equivalent of a "next time on MOTU" and they would play a clip showing her and her cat kicking ass and Prince Adam or He-Man going "who are you?!" and they would end with the scene of her and her cat on the rock, fade to black. Then, next episode comes along, but Illumina and her cat are not in it because of a "new character" embargo. Then, you find out she was planned and okayed from the start with one hell of an awesome story (which is in the series Bible)!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rakashian Calamari View Post
    Just curious here guys, as I'm not on facebook very often if at all for this sort of stuff. Is the facebook campaign going any better than this poll? I have concerns when such a passionate issue gathers less than a hundred votes of preference in either direction. Is the desire there to have her or is it a very vocal minority as some have insinuated?
    As of this very second, there are 185 members of the Facebook group that want Illumina and cat in MOTUC.
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    just dont care one way or the other. Make her Skeletor's Mom, then I'd vote yes.

    I'm not voting. I'm cool if they make her. I might even buy her. But I am not interested in her and would probably only be excited to get her if her bio was good.

    as she stands, She doesnt have that wow factor that grabs me just yet.

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    Yes! I'd love to see her in MOTUC and her cat too.

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    I support her being in the line for those who do want her but I personally don't want her and wouldn't buy her so if I vote that I support her being made, I feel it then gives a wrong impression of how many people would actually pay for the figure. Proper support of a figure means actually buying it in my book.

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    I support her! I don't care if she comes sooner or later, and she's nowhere near the top of my list (closer to the bottom, honestly) but I'll buy her when she's released.
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    Yes, I'd like to see her. She has a cool design.
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    i'm firmly behind the figure illumina & story inclusion.

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    Yes, absolutely.
    Hang on a second... a chance for yet another strong, attractive female figure in the Classics line? SIGN ME UP!!

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