Hey guys!

First- My apologies for this lengthy initial post... but there's a lot of info crammed in here that I'd like to keep at the start of this thread.

After having a bunch of org members come up to us at Power-Con this past weekend asking if Blaze was ever going to join the forums, I decided to start this thread about the figure photos and video spotlights we post at our page, http://www.motucfigures.com. This way, I can sign Blaze up on the forums and let him post in this thread (without having to worry about him treading into threads that he shouldn't be involved in, since he's only 9 ).

For those unfamiliar with what we do at my site- I started off by just doing photo setups with each figure as it came in, with quick little thoughts posted about each one. I quickly realized that others did a much better and faster job on written reviews than I did, so that went away pretty quick. But I didn't just want to post pictures and call it a day. Blaze and I had such great discussions about each figure as they came in, but I had trouble putting that into written words... So we thought it would be easier to just record our thoughts and post a video spotlight with the pictures. That way we can get all our feelings on the figure and bio across in the video, and the pictures could be used to get clear stationary views of the character we were discussing. So we switched over to that format back in February, and covered these releases:

King Grayskull (SDCC Version)

King Grayskull (Bronze Version)

King Grayskull (Spirit Version)

After these initial three, I realized that the "digital timeline" effect and editing was taking way too much time, so we streamlined it down to an off-the-cuff, no-editing conversation instead. This is the format we find most comfortable and will be the one we use in all future spotlights. We are playing catchup now, but as new figures come in, we take a break on catchup to focuse on that month's release. Here are links to all the posts containing video spotlights up to this point:

Older releases-

Beast Man









"Current" releases-

Zodac (DCUC Vs. MOTUC Version)

Queen Marlena

Captain Glenn


Battle Armor Faker (DCUC Vs. MOTUC)



And that's it up to this point... Starting with the next one, I'll make a post when a new video goes up. That way Blaze can pop on here and comment too whenever we finish one.

And if you made it all the way through all that, kudos to you my friend!