It's clear that MOTUC requires the re-use of parts between figures, but now that we're seeing more and more spell-casting characters like Shokoti and Castaspella in the toyline, I have to ask: why don't we see some variety in the hands given to these characters?

There are presently two options: the Thumbs Up hands (which are great for holding guns and weapons, but otherwise look a bit odd) or the Claw hand (which has been used as the left hand for Catra, Shadow Weaver and now Casta).

Why can't we see an open hand, with splayed fingers (in other words, a more generic open hand ideal for suggesting a wave or spell-casting or hand-shaking or simply holding something like a orb?)

I really like that NA He-Man has a new Aloft Hand, which allows him to hold his sword up (woot!) but seeing all the females get stuck with the odd Thumbs Up hands really hurts their visual appeal.

Consider Shokoti: she doesn't even come with anything to grip! So why not give her one hand that's relaxed?