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Thread: I can NOT believe that I'm going to say this, but I'm starting to like NA in MOTUC

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    I can NOT believe that I'm going to say this, but I'm starting to like NA in MOTUC

    Okay, let it be known (and reiterated) that I DETEST the NA cartoon designs, characterizations, voices, plotlines, most character designs and (more than anything) Skeletor's FACE!!!!!

    Seriously, what in the hell is up with that FACE??????

    But I digress...

    The recent reveal of The Mighty Spector has made me stop and think about some of my blind hatred of MOTUC re-designs of properties that I disliked in the past.

    Optikk, sitting in the back of my Evil Warriors shelf, doesn't look quite as hideous to me as he once did.

    Flipshot (Icarius) looks closer and closer to "okay" the more times I look at him.

    And with the reveal of Slush Head, I think...forgive me God in Heaven...I think I actually like him.

    My Lord, what is happening to me?

    I guess what I'm saying is that while I'll likely NEVER acquiesce to the religion of worshiping at the altar of the NA cartoon, the Four Horsmen's re-design of the figures may be starting to chip away at my carefully-constructed Hate Fortress.

    Anyway, I guess my vitriole-laced NA tirades may be about to soften.

    A little.

    My mind is open, so we'll see.

    Congrats, Mike Bock! Now pray for me to get my Spikor and Rio Blast!!!
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