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Thread: The Mighty Spector (First Ever Fan-Fic!)

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    The Mighty Spector (First Ever Fan-Fic!)


    A land of magic, wonder, mystery, mayhem; a land where good defends Castle Greyskull and the Secrets of the Universe from evil, in an ancient battle that has lasted millenia - perhaps even aeons.

    The Cosmic Enforcer Zodac flies through space, from planet to planet, ensuring that no idea becomes too powerful, no person nor group can tip the balance, no weapon too destructive - in essence, he maintains this unending battle between those who aid the Sorceress and those whose desire ultimate power for themselves...

    But unbeknownst to Zodac, indeed to anyone, there is another extremely powerful figure lurking in the shadows of history. No, it isn't King Greyskull, nor He-Ro, nor Eldor, nor Scrollos, nor Councils of Elders, Wise or Trollans. Ultimate power lies with the traveller of time itself! He is known as:



    Somewhere upon a lonely, windswept plain....


    "Ugh..." A strange, purple figure clutches his head for a moment, thinking to himself. Time travel is hard on a person. Even with this special suit, I can't help but feel nauseated sometimes.

    Spector turns his masked head to and fro and checks his watch. "This is the place..." he murmers to himself, well aware that if he is overheard, it won't matter. He is here - in a time before humanity existed, before any living thing could even speak a language. Out over the prehistoric plain he sees a herd of strange creatures - monsterous & ponderous. Beyond them, a vast mountain range billowing fire.

    For a moment, he feels a strange pang. Here, he is truly alone. He is a million years away from anyone, anything that remotely resembles humanity. It is a strange existence.

    Near his feet, Spector sees what he has travelled so far into the past for, and takes a step towards his goal. Crouching down, he inspects a small strange plant upon which a delicate & colorful insect has alighted.

    This is why I am here, thinks the lonliest man in the Universe.

    Deliberately & with great care, the Mighty Spector rises himself up to his fall height, lifts his mighty boot, & carefully drops it down upon the fluttering insect, crushing it utterly.

    "That should do it," he mutters.

    THE END (apologies to Ray Bradbury)
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