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Thread: Its is there a chance to Motu 200x Toys Rebith ?

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    Its is there a chance to Motu 200x Toys Rebith ?

    Hello to all MOTU fans this is my first Post and i has been wating looong time if there is a posibility , to Mattel to make those wonderfull ministatues but in Action figures. i like the statues but i ever thought that to complete my colecciont all the figures must be the same kind ( no toys and mix with statues). so i open this post to get some information of anything relative to 200x toys rebith. any news will be good recived

    well. sorry for my english, and good luck and my respect to all the people who making this web site, all the staff and Fans than like me groun with this ICON, masters of the universe

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    In a word...No. But keep the faith b/c these would be awesome.

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    Don't tell mattel but I would by 200x versions of the classics. And all they would have to change on most would be the heads. A 200x version of the horde that looked like the stations would be killer.
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    It would be nice for something like this to happen, but it seems very unlikely.

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    I think that Mattel should do a direct-to-video movie of a continuation of the MYP storyline, maybe with an origin of She-Ra. Then, some action figures could be released to retail along with the movie.

    Mattel does this all the time with their Barbie movies. Why not MotU?
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