recently "exploded" a rumor here in Argentina, the rumor said that the top toys company will launch a second series of FUERZA T on the occasion of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company.

after that several guys (including me) contacted with top toys asking about this and they said:


fuerza T 2 is planned for 2012 with several characters planned. New group will be engaging in the struggle between the fuerza T, arachnos and Escorpius.

I hope that you enjoy in the future.
the answer is real from TOP TOYS ,fingers crossed and hopefully this is realized.

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for those who do not know this, a little history:

in the 80's the TOP TOYS company had the license to produce the motu action figures .
in 2002 because MYP series the company wanted to release the figures with those old molds but mattel license was very expensive and so they decided to create a new property with new characters using the same molds, FUERZA T.

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