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    Mistico's Customs

    I figured that I was making too many threads with my various customs, so I decided to take those down and conglomerate them into one single thread so it's easier for me to keep track of and for those who like to look, they only have one place to come for my next figure or homemade/custom whatever.

    So without further ado, here are my custom figures starting with the first:

    My first custom was nothing more than a body/head swap, but it made for a unique-looking He-Man. He uses He-Man's head and He-Ro's body and weapons.
    Full-Power He-Man
    Adam has found over the years that he’s still just learning about his powers and abilities, including the ability to draw armors and powers from anyone tied to his Power Sword. The Sorceress told him of his liniage with King Grayskull™ and his ties with the Heroic Cosmic Warrior™, He-Ro™, who gave his ancestor the mystical sword of He. Finding the Book of Living Spells deep within the confines of Castle Grayskull, Adam was able to use the magic therein alongside his Sword’s magic to bring He-Ro’s armor into present Eternia and use it to battle the combined forces of King Hssss™’ Snake Men™, Skeletor®, and Hordak™. Along with He-Ro™’s armor, he also obtained his special Cosmic powers. With his super-charged Power Sword and armor, he is the greatest warrior ever!

    Shadow Beasts colored to be like the FILMation style (Prince Adam No More) and the MYP style (Night of the Shadow Beasts).

    Prince Adam and Preternia Disguise He-Man didn't come with a Sword strap on their backs, so I had to make them myself. They don't match perfectly, but I think they look pretty good.

    I've got a lot of extra heads from my figures as well as custom figure fodder, so to keep them out of the way, I made a display rack. This one was out of acrylic:

    ...But I ran out of room after I collected more figures than I had originally intended. So I had to build one out of green styrofoam, hot glue, and wooden pegs, as well as dressing it up with moss to make it look neat:

    Along with that, I needed a place to put all my half-Swords, so I made a simple Sword display rack out of styrofoam:

    When I got my King Grayskull 2.0, like most people, I had a rolling blue marble on my shelves. I found He-Bro had built a customized Orb Stand on his page, and decided to make one for myself. It really lights up too!

    My Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor box was taking up a lot of shelf room, but I didn't want to destroy the scene. So I made a dental chair for Skeletor, a tool holder for Mo-Larr, and a coat/hat rack for Skeletor's Sword and Havoc Staff:

    Before FILMation had to quit He-Man, they had come up with He-Ro, Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I liked the idea of Adam and Teela having a son to carry on the Power Sword tradition, so I made a custom Dare as He-Ro. I didn't make him blonde or add the ponytail. He uses a Bow (sans mustache) head, He-Man body, and customizing the weapons and armor.
    The adopted son of King Adam and Queen Teela, Dare had been raised by a she-bear in the wilds since he was very young, his birth parents unknown even to him. He was found when a scouting party ran into him while he was running away from Skeletor who had just killed his surrogate mother. Skeletor had returned to Eternia and was even more vengeful in his quest to rule Eternia and gain all the knowledge of Castle Grayskull. With Adam needed to head Eternos, and ultimately Eternia itself, a new champion was needed. The Sorceress bequeathed the Sword of He to Dare on his sixteenth birthday, much the same as she had his father. With the Sword, he was able to call upon the powers of Grayskull and became He-Ro, son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

    Vikor needed a new Sword sheath after I gave him the blue-and-silver Sword from the Weapons Pak, so I made one that went around his waist so he could have all 4 of his weapons at the ready on his person at all times:
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